My Top Marvel Films | Why They are Cinematic Masterpieces

August 13, 2018

With great power comes…well you know the rest.

Hi! Hello! Let’s talk Marvel, shall we? I have been watching the Marvel Cinematic Universe since Iron Man (2008) came out and I never want to stop. So they really need to make these movies for as long as they can! I have my favourites whether that be films or characters or even soundtracks, but we’ll get to the latter another time. I wanted to talk about my top five Marvel films and why I love them so much. Each one is different and each one is a film that I can watch over and over again.

I like to think that the MCU changed the way we enjoy comic book films. I remember when the original X-Men films came out and those were fantastic, but throw Robert Downey Jr. in a CGI metal suit as he fights the war on terror? Uh, yes, please! So without further ado, these are my top five Marvel Cinematic Universe films!


5) Thor: Ragnarok (2017) directed by Taika Waititi

Taika took Thor and gave it a massive upgrade. Now I really liked Thor (2011) as well as Thor: The Dark World (2013) and I think the sequel deserves much more credit, but Ragnarok…damn. Not only is it a refreshing take on the God of Thunder, but it is just SO FUN. Since Thor and Banner were excluded from Captain America: Civil War (2016) I was hoping to get a film with them together and man oh man did they deliver. Bruce Banner has had some icon lines in the MCU, but his humor in Ragnarok is so good. Combine that with Loki’s humor, the new characters of Valkyrie and Korg, Doctor Strange’s cameo, and one hell of a villain, Ragnorak takes the fifth spot in my top five.

And can we just talk about how most of the script was improvised especially “get help”? Because that will forever be iconic. Taika took bright colors, epic music, Jeff Goldblum, and just the right amount of Norse mythology and created one of the best superhero films of all time. If you haven’t seen it yet, what are you waiting for?

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4) Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) directed by Joss Whedon

Now I wouldn’t call it an age, more like a long weekend, but it still deserves this fourth spot. Following the original Avengers film, I knew this had to be even better and I was so right! Not only is Ultron one of the more interesting villains I’ve seen, but we also got introduced to three new heroes: Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, and Vision. Then, of course, Thor finally puts a name to those fancy little gems we’ve heard so much about and thus the Infinity Stones are born.

I think the reason I like this one so much is that it’s really the last time we see the Avengers working together before Civil War and of course the film that ruined everyone’s emotional state back in April. There is a lot of character development throughout Avengers 2 and it gave us some iconic scenes such as Vision lifting Mjolnir, “You didn’t see that coming?”, and the Hulk Buster armor which of course is useful later on.

This films also strips the Avengers down a bit as they go into hiding with Clint’s family and we start to see how each of them are when they’re not all suited up. By this, I mean the tightening tension between Tony and Steve; the budding romance between Bruce and Natasha; and the consequences that arise from their actions as Earth’s mightiest heroes. Which of course leads into the next Captain America movie. I think Avengers 2 is pretty underrated so go do yourself a favor and have a rewatch!

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3) Iron Man (2008) directed by Jon Favreau

The one that started it all. Funny enough, I watched this last night and it was just as good as the last time I watched it. Not only is it a great first film for this amazing universe, but Robert Downey Jr. is phenomenal as Tony Stark. Out of all three of the IM films, one still takes the cake for me. From the moments of the first test flight to the iconic, “I am Iron Man.” it is just a rollercoaster of a film.

Obadiah Stane is a villain that I think deserves more credit as well. I mean he literally pulled Tony’s arc reactor out of his chest and left him to die…talk about issues. The biggest thing I miss in the more recent films is the lack of J.A.R.V.I.S. Yes, I know he is Vision now or at least a part of him is, but I miss their banter and how Tony relied on his AI so much. Also, Iron Man one Pepper and Tony are so cute and I like that not only has Tony grown over the films, but so has Pepper. We can only hope they get a happy ending in Avengers 4.

I don’t think any of us will forget that moment when Tony first puts on the red and gold suit and heads East. That whole sequence still gives me chills. This then leads into the fighter jet scene where we are blessed with the Rhodey and Tony friendship which has lasted for many films to come. Iron Man is the original Avenger, the King of the MCU, and I just really need him to retire and settle down after he finally kills that giant purple grape. Looking at you, Thanos.

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2) Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014) directed by Joe and Anthony Russo

“Who the hell is Bucky…?”

I’ll tell you who the hell Bucky is! One of the best MCU characters since Tony Stark, that’s who! GUYS, I think the biggest reason I love CA:WS so much is because of the brilliant fight scenes! You know which ones I’m talking about…hand to hand knife sequence with Barnes and Rogers and that HIGHWAY SCENE…damn. When I heard they were doing the Winter Soldier story, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I loved Stan in Cap one so I was sold on casting, but I didn’t know if I wanted yet another Hydra story for Captain America and of course, I was so WRONG.

Everything was perfect. The fight scenes, the story, the suspense, Bucky’s character, the introduction of Sam Wilson…it’s just so so good. I think I am just naturally attracted to films with damaged villains and lots of explosions…but that’s okay. Also, that opening with Nat and Cap when they take the ship really establishes their bond for future films and yes I did ship Romarogers for a time. Not so much anymore, but they make a great team.

And not only do we have the main superheroes, but Fury’s story was great as well. I think Winter Soldier really upped the game for these films with bigger action sequences, darker themes, and more focus on broader side stories that were necessary. Steve Rogers also goes through major development that immediately pushes him to the character we know today and of course the relationship he has with Bucky is the main focus. Friendly reminder that this was the film that produced, “On your left!” So enjoy that and if you’re into intricate fighting and epic super soldiers, check this one out!

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1) Avengers: Infinity War (2018) directed by Joe and Anthony Russo

I mean, you knew this was coming. IW is the best damn superhero film of all time and I still can’t get over it. I think I spend most days now just looking up theories about it and trying to figure out how Loki could still be alive. Because let’s face it, that greasy drama queen has to still be alive! I won’t accept his death until Avengers four. I just won’t!

If you are a fan of superhero films then this one is going to blow your mind. Not only do we have the Avengers, oh no, we also have the Sorcerer Supreme, the Guardians of the Galaxy, a massive army of Wakandan soldiers, and a giant Peter Dinklage. Still not convinced you need to watch the best Marvel movie of all time? I’m not sure what else you need. The fight scenes, the humor, the emotions, the CGI, all of it is incredible. Tony’s nanotech suit is a personal favourite of mine as is the Iron Spider suit when it comes to the tech. Then we have those massive moments for Thor, Strange, and Wanda who demonstrate just how damn powerful they are.

And yeah, this movie is incredibly sad with all the death and destruction, but its called infinity WAR for a reason. We knew people were going to die. It was inevitable. I have my favourite bits, most of them are the Strange/Stark scenes because those were GOLDEN. Narcissist vs Narcissist? What else could you want? The battle of Wakanda is also the best battle of the MCU and yes it’s better than the airport scene from CA:CW! There are moments when I was holding my breath, Tony getting stabbed being the biggest. NOBODY TOUCH HIM. And I think we all know that the snap was something we didn’t think would come and yet…ashes to ashes…dust to dust.

I’m sorry.

Dusting aside, an incredible movie with great writing and epic moments (*cough* Thor’s Wakanda entrance *cough*) that I will watch over and over again. The blooper reel is amazing too in case you were wondering. Now we have to wait until Avengers four, but we can do it! I believe in us! And they better get Peter Parker out of that damn soul stone so he can finally meet Thor!

Image result for infinity war gif thanos

A Few Honorable Mentions:

1) Doctor Strange (2016) directed by Scott Derrickson

Image result for doctor strange gif

2) Spiderman: Homecoming (2017) directed by Jon Watts

Image result for spider man homecoming gif

3) The Avengers (2012) directed by Joss Whedon

Image result for avengers 1 gif

Okay, so there we have it! A pretty fantastic list if I do say so myself. And let me tell you, if I still hadn’t seen IW, Doctor Strange would be in the top five for sure! I am looking forward to Avengers four and the rest of phase 4! Are you? What are some of your favourite MCU films?

Happy Monday!

– Haley

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