The Ghost Diaries: Six Months (#4)

March 27, 2018

Six Months Old …HOW?

I swear he was just a little baby like yesterday, but no they grow and shepherds grow FAST. I didn’t really know what to expect as I have never had such a large dog before, but he’s definitely a force to be reckoned with. Although, he is still a puppy and he thinks he is the size of a chihuahua and likes to think he can fit on my lap…he can’t. I am very small person and he is almost bigger than I am… yikes.

Other than the overwhelming size, he is doing well. We have him back in training classes and he seems to like the new trainer, as do I. The first class we tried was…difficult. Not that he didn’t learn anything, but the trainer was condescending and just never seemed to care. Also, Ghost was in a class with dogs that were an eighth his size so there’s also that.


I am finding that it easier now than it had been a few months ago. You see, I wasn’t used to having to be up early to take care of him or really leave the house at all. In some ways, he has forced me to get my ass in gear. And while that is a blessing and a curse, I’m managing.

This past weekend he went in for a weigh in and Ghost now weighs 79.8lbs….HE’S SIX MONTHS OLD. They are still estimating that he will be much bigger than his father who was already large for a shepherd. Any landlord I have in the future is going to hate me…yikes. As for his overall health we are worried that he may have Giardia again, but we won’t know for sure until we get the results back from his tests. I have no idea where he keeps getting it from. We don’t leave any standing water around the yard so it could be coming from the soil, but I can’t know for sure. He’s doing a bit better today, but for the past few days he had little to no energy and whined a lot…it’s been tough.


On the brightside he has stopped trying to chew on our cats. My cat, Gracie, doesn’t allow him to get close to her as she tends to bat at him. However, the smaller one, Nyx, she’s tiny and has to run a lot, but I think they’ll get there. As for human interaction, he still bites sometimes when he plays, but I have not seen any signs of aggression when it comes to other people nor does he become over protective. We had that problem with some of our other dogs so I am glad Ghost is not picking up the habit. 

He’s still teething and will be until the fall apparently which is his first birthday. Some of the bigger teeth have fallen out so his pain isn’t as bad, but I do find him chewing a lot these days. Not so much the furniture anymore, but he seems to have an affinity for my phone cases even when they are on my phone unfortunately. 

As for our own relationship, I think we are starting to rely on each other more and more each day. Even though he has not started his therapy training yet, Ghost seems to be able to pick up on things when they are wrong. Like all dogs, he can tell when I am in pain from my migraines or when the inflammation in my ribs flare up. However, he doesn’t understand everything. I had a panic attack the other day and he just walked into another room and lay down as I was on my floor hyperventilating…so we will have to work on that. 

I have been a major blogging slump for weeks and this should have gone up last Friday as that was the official 6 month mark, but I’m getting it done. I am going to try and post more updates about Ghost and definitely take more photos. I wish I had more baby photos, but alas I didn’t take enough! So enjoy this 3 month to 6 month comparison and I will talk to you soon!

Happy Tuesday!

– Haley


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