Book Review: Boomerang by Helene Dunbar (Spoiler Free)

February 18, 2018

“If one cannot enjoy reading a book over and over again, there is no use in reading it at all.” ― Oscar Wilde

Wilde’s always right, isn’t he?

Trust me when I say I will be reading this book over and over again. I was sent Boomerang by Helene Dunbar for a blog tour which is coming up soon and the synopsis alone had me itching to read this up and coming novel. Boomerang is out March 6th so make sure you preorder it! The synopsis is as followed:

FROM GOODREADS: “Michael Sterling disappeared from his Maine town five years ago. Everyone assumed he was kidnapped. Everyone was wrong.

Now, at seventeen, he’s Sean Woodhouse. And he’s come “home,” to the last place he wants to be, to claim the small inheritance his grandparents promised him when he graduated high school, all so he can save Trip, the boy he developed an intense and complicated relationship with while he was away.

Sean has changed, but so has his old town and everyone in it. And knowing who he is and where he belongs is more confusing than ever. As his careful plans begin to crumble, so does everything he’s believed about his idyllic other life.

Told in gorgeous prose, Boomerang is an honest, authentic exploration of coming to terms with who you are, what you want, and how vast the distance can be between the two.”

At the start of the novel I found Sean’s character so infuriating. I was going full adult mode with the whole, “How can you do this to your mother, young man!” and so on. However, once I got past the first twenty pages or so I understood and then I was like: “Oh okay, Sean, yeah you do you.” I guess you could say my emotions were all over the place when it came to this book. 

I loved how fast paced this books was. There was never a point in which it seemed to drag or get stuck. I, of course, had a lot of questions in the beginning of the book, but by the end they were all answered and I just wanted more. Boomerang was a definite page-turner. I read this in about 36 hours and it felt so good to just devour a book again. I had been in such a slump, but thanks to this beauty, I got my reading mojo back. 

When it comes to the characters, I think they were brilliantly written. They were all layered with a multitude of emotions and each one had a story to tell whether it was short or long. Each one from Emery to Jenny to Trip all brought both light and dark to the story.


Dunbar has written a novel that takes you into the complex mind of a troubled teen. Sean’s conflict is both internal and external and as he goes on this journey of figuring it all out, he may just help a few others along the way. I hope when people read this book, they see more than just a kid who got dealt a bad hand. There are such deeper emotions within these pages that I think can resonate with a lot of people. 

As I read, I couldn’t see where the story was going. I had hopes of where it might end up, but there were so many different factors that could skew the story in any direction that my heart was racing by the end. I needed ANSWERS. I fell in love with Sean and Trip and I wanted to know their fate. Guys, I almost skipped to the end just to calm my anxiety. ALMOST. I didn’t, but I really wanted to. It was like Paper Towns all over again…

Throughout the book, Sean recites a lot of quotes and as I was reading, a particular quote by Aristotle kept repeating itself over in my head. The quote says, 

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” ― Aristotle

I think about this quote a lot, but I haven’t found a book that I can relate it to. But with Boomerang I can definitely see it. Sean goes through a lot in this novel, but in the end I think that even after all the craziness of his life, he returned to himself, or at least the new self he had become. Sean is a very well-read character, but I think he was struggling with the knowledge of knowing himself and it was great to read his journey as he slowly figured that out. 

If you go into this book thinking it’ll be about a romantic endeavor between two troubled teens…well think again. It’s a lot more complex than that. This book is about PEOPLE. It is how they react in different scenarios and how just one can start a chain reaction in the others. This book has heart, love, pain, lost, and just good ole pure emotion. Not a lot of authors really capture the modern teenage mind, but Dunbar did a fabulous job. I think you need to read this book without any predictions or expectations and just enjoy the writing and the characters. Appreciate all of the literary references as well. I especially loved that part!

Overall, I give Boomerang 4/5 stars. I know this will be a book I will re-read in years to come just so I can enjoy the story of Trip and Sean again. Go ahead and add it to your TBR ladies and gents because it may just surprise you! I want to just talk and talk, but that wouldn’t exactly make this spoiler-free, now would it? No! So do yourself a favor and pick this book up on March 6th and enjoy!

Let me know if you have already read it or plan to!

Happy Reading!

– Haley 


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