The Ghost Diaries: An Eventful Sunday (#3)

January 15, 2018

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” ― Roger A. Caras

49 pounds and growing…

WOW. I cannot believe how big Ghost is getting. My vet now thinks he could be well over 120 pounds when full grown….yikes. I am certainly glad I bought the larger bed now. Even though he prefers to sleep in the cat bed a lot of the time….

Anyways, this past weekend was an eventful one for the ole’ Direwolf as it was his first Puppy Training Class at Petsmart. But before that he had to go to his vet visit on Saturday Morning. As I wasn’t feeling up to leaving the house that day due to my overbearing anxiety, my lovely mother took him to get his rabies shot. We also found out he had the Giardia parasite which is why he was whining so much.  Got the antibiotics and now he is on them for about two weeks. We think he may have contracted it at the breeders, but it could have also been in our yard. At this point there is no way to tell. But we are taking care of it and he will start to feel better much soon.


For the rest of the day he just lay about since his injection was making him quite tired. He is actually sleeping at my feet as I type this. Speaking of which, he is sleeping through the night now. He occasionally gets up and wants to go out, but it’s rare. Unfortunately, he is still eating rocks and soil so he has to continue to wear the basket muzzle which he hates. However, I would much rather him hate the muzzle than get a river stone stuck down his gullet.

Ghost is up to six cups a day of food and it is a mixture of raw and dry at the moment. He absolutely loves his food and I have found he LOVES raw carrots and pumpkin. My grandmother has also found that he likes frozen peas which is also great. He isn’t much of beggar which I love. I am surprised he hasn’t picked up this habit yet as my cat, Gracie, and our other dog, Bella, are the worst beggars I have ever owned. Ghost also really likes ice and I have been reading about it and most people say ice cubes are safe in moderation, but I have also seen that they can cause muscle spasms in their stomachs so I am being careful. If you know if they are okay for dogs, please let me know!


As for Sunday, it was a pretty good day. His class was in the afternoon. We fed him before we left and he was great in the class. Not much training on the first day, but it was a nice introduction. There were three other dogs in the class and they were all small breeds which I worried about. However, Ghost was very gentle with them and he mostly lay at my feet while the trainer spoke. I liked the trainer very much. He did think I was fifteen which was so annoying, but at this point I am used to it. I look a lot younger than 20 and I just have to face that…still irritating though.

I think the next 5 weeks will be better as the training will get more intense and hopefully we can get him to stop biting. That’s the worst of it, the biting. I know that even though he looks full grown, he is still just under 4 months so I know he doesn’t mean it. Still hurts though!


So after puppy class, we hit Wendy’s which was great and then we headed home. Ghost was a little stressed so he took a nap while I got some work done. Then it was time to head to Grandmas where we played out on the grass for a good half and hour. He is still too young to be let off the leash so I got a retractable one which is very long and he can sprint circles around me. It is very important when you have a big dog to let them run even if it’s just for a few minutes, they love it!

Overall, everything is going okay. He stopped chewing the furniture and potty training is a bit rocky, but we’ll get there. Leash leading is something else to work on, but I have faith in the little wolf! He is just growing so fast, I can’t keep up! It feel like yesterday when both ears were down and he was just a little fuzzy polar bear. I may be going up north next year for Christmas so snow will be an adventure for sure!

Stay tuned for more Ghost soon!

Happy Monday!

– Haley

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