The Ghost Diaries: The Beginning

November 28, 2017

“The runt of the litter, that one’s your Snow.” – Game of Thrones

And thus I embark (bark ha!) on a journey with a small fluffy wolf by my side.

Today marks a little bit after the first week with the little love that is known as Ghost. I haven’t written about Ghost on my blog I don’t think, so here’s a little backstory. If you weren’t aware, I deal with very intense anxiety that can range from small panic attacks to full on paranoia episodes. For as long as I can remember I have never felt “safe” and it has affected my life in ways I never could have imagined. Then I also deal with very intense migraine attacks that have gotten so severe that I can be in pain for three to five days at a time with little to no relief. I am planning to do follow ups with my doctor of course, but my family had another idea to help even more.

A couple weeks ago my family handed me a file of paperwork and told me that I was receiving a certified service dog for medical alert and psychiatric services and I was an emotional mess. Now, I am the type of person that tries not to get excited about things until the day it happens so I don’t get my hopes up, but I couldn’t help it! Then when I saw a photo of him…I thought I would die right then and there. He was across the country so my amazing uncle got on a plane and brought him to me and I am in love.

So yes, here we are. Ghost is his name and yes, I did indeed name my White Shepherd after Jon Snow’s direwolf because I am geeky AF and that is SO OKAY! I hope he will not only become a great service dog, but a companion that I will cherish for as long as I can. I just hope Gracie (my cat) can forgive me!

Nov. 19: This is where it all started. I was anxious all day. I am still not sure if I was more nervous about leaving home to go out to the airport or if I was just anxious to get the dog. Perhaps it is a little bit of both. All day I spent my time “dog proofing” my room and the rest of the house. Problem is, we have already put up both Christmas Trees so…bit of a risk, but he has to get used to them. Then at 8 pm my mom and I left for the airport. Two hours later and he was in my arms and I was in love. He was a lot bigger than I anticipated, but he is such a little polar bear, I couldn’t complain. Fast forward to getting him home and he whined a lot, most likely missing his mom and not understanding what was going on. It was going very well until bedtime. In case you were wondering, baby shepherds do not sleep through the night. His favourite thing to do? Randomly bark at 4 am…this should be interesting.

Nov. 20: Here we go. The first full day with the doggo himself. Now, if you think direwolves are rambunctious and lumbering, a shepherd puppy with feet that are three sizes too big are pretty much the same thing. He woke up very early (shocker, right?) and I of course just had to wake with a killer migraine. I think it was from all the stress the day before, but I could barely open eyes it hurt so bad, so my beautiful mother did a beautiful thing. She took Ghost out and to the vet for his first check up. I hate that I wasn’t there, but I didn’t want to hurl all over the vet as I meet him for the first time. Everything went well at the vet, he’s healthy as can be, but wasn’t happy with his injections and blood draw. He may seem tough, but he’s still a big baby. Once he got home it was all about navigating not only his chewing habits, but also his very small bladder. Floor cleaner is becoming my new best friend. He enjoys chasing our other dog, Bella, but Nyxie and Gracie, our cats aren’t too sure about him, but I have hope they will warm up to him soon. As for Ghost and I, I think we are going to get along just fine. He seems to like me, so that’s a start! I hope he and I will have a long friend to come. OH and he LOVES getting his belly rubbed. Not much of a beggar though, so that’s good. Thanksgiving will be a true test!

Much more to come as I endure the life of this little polar bear. So look out for more posts for Ghost. I don’t know how much I will update this series as my personal time when not chasing him around the house is reserved to napping haha. Anyways, this is just the beginning, but I know I will continue to love him so much!

Stay Tuned!

– Haley

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21. Blogger, Star Wars, Marvel, and Book Enthusiast, Over-thinker, Aspiring Author who hates everything she writes, and mother to Gracie & Ghost.

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