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July 19, 2017

Which would you choose?

I found this tag on tumblr earlier today and I cannot remember what blog I saw it on, so SORRY! This is not my original idea, but I thought it would be fun! If you like these questions, then please answer them in the comments below!

1. Hardback or paperback?

I prefer hardbacks because they last longer, but when I travel (which doesn’t happen often) I prefer paperbacks. Which is why I have multiple copies of certain books…

2. Borrow or buy?

Definitely buy. I am sort of a book hoarder at this point. I just love being surrounded by books. 

3. Buy in bookstore or online?

At the moment, I have preferred to buy online.

4. Amazon or Book Depository?

Book Depository! It used to be Amazon, until I found out about BD!

5. Fantasy or sci-fi?


6. Love-triangle or love at first sight?

Ugh…I hate love triangles (except Herongraystairs) so maybe love at first sight…but I hate that too..dammit.

7. Wall shelves or book cases?

My bookshelves are bolted to the wall..so both?

8. Mass market paperback or large print books?

Large print! I cannot read books when the font is too small! It drives me crazy!

9. Bad plot with good characters or good plot with bad characters?

I always say that the characters make the story, so if you have great characters, how can the plot be bad? So I guess I would choose Bad Plot with Good Characters because I doubt it would be that bad.

10. Bookblr or bookstagram?


11. Bookblr or booktube?

Bookblr. BTW I have never heard that term used before for a book tumblr account…

12. Contemporary or fantasy?

Fantasy all the way!

13. Fiction or nonfiction?

Fiction, I have tried NF and it just puts me to sleep. Well, unless it’s a really good memoir!

14. Buy a book based on the cover or description?

Always description. I have read the most amazing books with the most boring covers.

15. Alphabetical shelves or colour coordinated?

I organize my shelves by author in no particular alphabetized order.

16. Different sized books or matching size?

I love matching size, but I tend to always own mismatched series. My Throne of Glass books 1-4 plus The Assassin’s Blade are in paperback, but Empire of Storms is in hardback…whoops.

17. Matching covers / spines or non-matching covers / spines?

I like matching covers, but it doesn’t always happen I’m afraid!

18. Marathon a series or read as released?

Depends on the series. But usually I read as they are released.

19. Movie or TV adaptation?

>This is a hard one. I usually like movie adaptations such as Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter etc, but ya’ll know how much I love Shadowhunters so…I suppose it depends.

20. Perfect adaptation of a bad book or bad adaptation of a perfect book?

Perfect adaptation of a bad book please because I can’t handle when certain books are butchered. *cough* Percy Jackson *cough*

21. Zombies or Vampires?

Vamps. Obviously.

22. Vampires or Werewolves?

Vampires for life.

23. Vampires or Fae?

Fae…okay I blame this change of thought on Sarah J. Maas

24. Reading inside or outside?

>Inside, unless it is raining or storming and then I will be out there in a second

25. Coffee or tea?


26. Reading while eating or not eating?

Not eating. I am twenty-years-old and I STILL can’t eat without making a mess…I blame my parents.

27. Bookmarks or random objects?


28. Dog-earing or bookmarks?

Bookmarks. If I ever catch you dog-earing my books I will attack you with no remorse…just saying.

29. Be your favourite character or be their best friend?

Uh, if I can be best friends with Magnus Bane, sign me the hell up!

30. Be your favourite character or date your favourite character?

Well I wouldn’t want to be Magnus nor would I want to date him as he has a soulmate, so NEITHER.

31. Physical or e-book?


32. Read in bed or on a chair?


33. Series or stand-alone?


34. Audiobook or ebook?


35. Duology or trilogy?

At the moment it is Duologies!

36. Reading in winter or reading in summer?

Like outside? Winter… but in general…I do not understand why I would only read during a specific season… WHAT.

37. Read with music or without music?

WITH. I always read with film scores in the background.

38. Finish reading books you hate or stop mid-way through?

I stop, I can’t read something that I hate, it’s a waste of time!


39. Yearly book challenge or no book challenge?

Yep! I have done the Goodreads challenge two years in a row!

40. Classics or modern books?

I am going to say Modern, but I seriously need to read more classics ASAP.

So there you go! I know I broke the rules on a couple, but that’s the Slytherin in me! If you do answer these questions, let me know!

Happy Answering!

– Haley

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