Book Review: Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo (Spoiler Free)

March 18, 2017

“No mourners. No funerals. Among them, it passed for ‘good luck.” ― Leigh Bardugo, Six of Crows

Perseverance is key.

It took me fifteen days to read this book. Mostly because it took me a bit to get into it as I had trouble understanding the world. I was almost ready to give up on the story, but I am so happy I didn’t! “Six of Crows” follows the story of six mischievous masters from the city of Ketterdam who form a crew to accomplish a seemingly impossible heist. They are led by the elusive Kaz Brekker and together they will try to do what nobody has ever done: Break into the Ice Court. Confused yet? I was.

I hadn’t read Bardugo’s Grisha Trilogy, so this world was completely new to me and it took me a while to understand what a Grisha was or where Ravka was and identify the different languages (there are a lot). However, even with the strange dialects and bizarre fashion choices, “Six of Crows” was an adventure that I was glad I went on.

Characters are the most important thing when it comes to creating a fantastic novel and Bardugo DID NOT DISAPPOINT. Even though this book covers a plethora of characters, we got intricate stories from each one and even got a bit of backstory. I found that I understood the world a lot better once I knew the characters. Our crew of six are: Kaz, Inej, Nina, Wylan, Jesper, and Matthias. As I met each one, I found myself storing away little bits here and there about each one. They have so many layers to them and I hope that even more will be revealed in book 2.

Unlike most books, I couldn’t pinpoint the true villain for this novel. At least, not at first. Hell, half the time I thought it was Kaz. This book will keep you on the edge of your metaphorical (or literal) seat. I found myself gasping, yelling, groaning, and straight up slamming the book shut and sitting for a few minutes trying to compose myself. And that my friends is why this book is so good. I have said it a million times and I’ll say it again: If a book triggers an emotional response, IT IS AMAZING.

“Six of Crows” is definitely a one of a kind. I have never read anything like it. The world reminds me of steampunk meets dickensian with a touch of the 1920’s with some of the fashion choices. I love worlds that are so vastly different from everyday life, but you can still see some modern influence. I hope that made some sense. This book may be slow at first, but once it gets going, it doesn’t stop. “Six of Crows” is a page turner. I never wanted to put it down once I got past the first 70 pages or so. It became one of those books that kept me up late and was always in the back of my mind whenever I wasn’t reading it. That has only happened with Cassie Clare novels, so well done.

Every chapter, it switches point of view and I thought that would become disorienting, but I found it to be rather insightful. It was still the same scenario, but the tone and feel of the book would change drastically. Especially when it came to very polar opposite characters. For example, during the aftermath of a battle Nina would be tired, her heart would be racing, and she would be trying to check on her comrades. In the next chapter it could switch to Jesper and he will be high on adrenalin and confidence would be rolling off of him. Some people may think that would make you dizzy, but it just works in this book.

One of my favourite parts about this book was trying to figure out all the puzzles. Kaz would make these complex plans that would take chapters to fulfill. The entire novel I was trying to decipher his mind and try to see what I was missing. At one point I thought I had figured it out, until Bardugo threw a massive curveball, no scratch that, she threw a giant tree down in the middle of the road. That would be a joke if you read the book….anyways.

When it comes to relationships and romance. I was actually relieved that it wasn’t at the forefront of the story. Sure there were hints at it with many characters (some more than others), but the plot never strayed from the main purpose and I was happy about that. I think romance is necessary in some cases, but at times it can detract from what is really going on. I think Bardugo handled the relationships perfectly and book 1 gave us a lot of foreshadow for book 2.

“Six of Crows” is one of those books that I will read again and again. I will tell my friends to read it and we shall rejoice together! This book gave me that thrill that great books provide and not only is the writing incredible, but the way the book was put together…woah. From the cover to the black inked pages, it just creates a visual masterpiece. I give this book 5/5 stars and I want all of you to read it! Go. Now. Off you go.

I will be reading “Crooked Kingdom” and eventually the original “Grisha Trilogy”. I have fallen in love with the world and I just need more! Let me know if you read this book and what did you think?

Happy Reading!

– Haley

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  1. I completely agree with you! I felt it all when I first read it and the duology as a whole did not disappoint at all. Six of Crows is one of my favourites from the moment I finished it…actually maybe when I read chapter 7 (but it's a bit soon to tell). The only thing that bothered me was that it took me 9 months to read…uni kept me very busy, and I just wished I'd read it soon after it came out like I originally planned to. 🙂


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