Bookish Thoughts: Reunited by Kate Smith


January 18, 2017

“I guess it’s just you and me, Vanna, but we’ll be okay. I promise.” – (Aiden Hamilton) Kate Smith, Reunited

A Father’s love is eternal.

I was lucky enough to receive a copy of “Reunited” by Kate Smith from the author herself and I have to admit when I first read the synopsis, I didn’t think I would like it. I, however, was wrong. Here is the official synopsis from the Goodreads page:

“Being a successful Physician and sole son of a high profile prosecutor gives all the appearances of a charmed life. However, appearances can be deceiving, and Dr. Aiden Hamilton’s life has been anything but easy. Living with deep regrets, he knows it is far too late to fix his mistakes.

Savannah Phillips has always felt a piece was missing from her life. After the devastating loss of her adoptive mother, she searches to find answers about her birth parents.

An unexpected encounter sets these two individuals on a path that will changed their lives forever”

The book opens up with a rather traumatic accident in Chicago where fourteen-year-old Savannah Phillips is visiting with her school. Many kids are injured along with her best friend, Leanne. At the scene of the accident, Savannah meets a young doctor by the name of Dr. Aiden Hamilton. From there many revelations occur, including the biggest one: Aiden is Savannah’s biological father.

Aiden and Savannah’s story was a joy to read, but I of course liked some things and didn’t like others. I did think the beginning was a bit rushed. I just think that if I were in Aiden’s position and my long lost daughter showed up out the blue, I wouldn’t accept it so quickly. It did help, I suppose, that she looked so much like her mother (who I really hate, by the way) so I understand that. Also, the trauma scene. It was a bit cheesy for me when it came to the medical jargon. It got better later on, but that opening scene felt a little daytime medical drama for me.

At times, I thought the introducing of characters could have been handled a bit better. I couldn’t get clear images of some of them, especially Aiden at the beginning, however just like the medical speak, it got better later in the story. I really loved Savannah. Sometimes I think authors forget how kids and teens think. I think Smith got a fourteen-year-old perfectly. There were moments of immaturity and reckless thinking and even moments of her just wanting her father and acting like a little kid. I don’t know about you, but when I was fourteen, I never acting like I was nineteen or twenty. However, I did find that when Savannah was allowed to just wander around Chicago (A city she had never been to before) by herself to meet up with Aiden to be a bit unrealistic. Another thing is that sometimes, I felt like Aiden’s dialogue was a bit immature. He’s thirty years old and a highly respected medical professional and in the beginning of the story, some of what he said reminded me of a teenager.

Savannah’s diction was a bit strange at times as well. By strange I mean very simple. For example:“Sure. I like her. She’s beautiful and nice too.” (Savannah) Kate Smith, Reunited (pg. 142)

It just sounded a bit choppy and it happens a few other times, but she also has these beautiful, flowing, radiant lines that I really fell in love with. Speaking of love, let’s talk about Emily Anderson. Funnily enough I went to school with a girl named Emily Anderson. Anyways, Emily is a doctor that works with Aiden and they spark a romance and they are a new OTP of mine, I just love them. I also really liked how Emily found out about Savannah, well maybe not the situation as she accused him of being a creep, but I liked how she accepted it so easily.

Aiden is definitely my favourite character from the book and his tattoo makes me love him even more. He has this Celtic tattoo of a wolf on his back and hidden in the tattoo is the word “daughter” and I just think that was such a beautiful touch to the story and not going to lie, it made me tear up a bit! Ya’ll know I am a huge sap.

Okay, but we need to talk about TARA. She is the most annoying little twit in the story. Tara is a nurse at the hospital and she has this delusion in her mind that Aiden loves her or something. It starts out a bit innocent, but by the end of the book, it become full stalker mode. I actually wrote down in my notes: Tara is annoying AF. Yep.

Throughout. there were some timing issues for the story. Again, some things felt rushed and even though they are so tiny, it sometimes took me out of the story. For example, when Aiden and Emily are walking back to their hotel from his parents house which is many blocks away, they had like four lines of dialogue, maybe a bit more and then they were there. It didn’t make much sense to me as they made a point of saying how long it would take to get back.

Now, Aiden’s parents. JUST NO. James and Caroline…they remind me so much of Richard and Emily Gilmore from Gilmore Girls, but worse. They were horrible. Not only did Tiffany (Aiden’s ex-wife and Savannah’s mother) try to forbid Aiden from seeing his daughter, but so did his own parents. They are selfish and horrible people and Aiden was honestly just straight savage to them and Tiffany and I loved it! You go, Aiden, drag them! Blackmail all the way, honey!

Speaking of Aiden’s savagery, I love that he and Emily call Dana, their boss, Dragon Lady. It’s that little comic relief that Kate adds to her story that always makes me smile. Then we have Justin, Savannah’s boyfriend and let me tell you that Justin is full of shit. Sorry if you’re fifteen, but I was once fifteen and I had a boy tell me he loved me and it was so ridiculous, honestly. Now maybe they do love eachother, but everytime I read or see these types of relationships where they are so young and the “I love you’s start” coming out…I just roll my eyes. But, hey, that’s just me. Oh and their goodbye discussion on page 300…not a lot of depth and it was a bit cheesy for two fifteen year olds, but then again, that’s probably why.

Now there was something that bothered me and it was the “tantrum” that Aiden had when he was asked to break off his relationship with Emily. I mean, it was just ridiculous, he is a grown man. I don’t think he should have slammed his way out of the hospital…not my favourite part. Also, the little Hawaii vacation they went on…a little unrealistic, well maybe not for the rich…but I don’t know. When Emily had to choose between Aiden and her new job…I was happy for Emily, but I thought it was dumb that Aiden had to quit…my OTP.

Oh and there was a huge foreshadow moment and I just knew that when Aiden slipped that card with the flight attendant’s phone number on it into his pocket, it would come back and bite him in the ass and it did! I was like, “Mmhmm, called it.” I was very proud of myself in that moment. But, let’s talk about Ross for a moment…why Kate, why? I mean, I get why, obviously, but why are you playing with my emotions like this, woman! I loved Ross and was heartbroken. I hope Savannah will be okay.

But seriously, every time Tiffany would open her mouth, I would just go all John Watson and be like:

I mean, you would too, right? Okay, so overall I give this novel a 4/5 stars. I would have given it 5, but there were some spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes and of course my thoughts above. I know she is coming out with book 2 and I will be reading it, hands down. I want to know where Aiden and Savannah’s story will go and I think Kate has a promising future as an author and I wish her all the luck in the world. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to read your work and I can’t wait to read “Forgiveness” which is book 2 in the Hamilton Series!

Happy Reading!

– Haley

*All opinions are my own. I was not paid for this review, but simply offered a copy of the book itself*

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