Bookish Thoughts: Fragmented Bliss

January 1, 2017

“Every story is ephemeral.” – B.J. Rosalind

Romance is complicated.

I received this book, “Fragmented Bliss” by B.J. Rosalind, from the lovely author herself for an honest review and I have to say I have mixed feelings on this book. For starters, it’s a book of poetry. I am not a big fan of poetry books and I don’t really think that’ll change. However, I did find this book insightful and there were a few poems that I really loved and connected with. I also really enjoyed how Rosalind constructed her book. It is composed of three sections: The Illusion, The Fall, and the Fragments. If that isn’t the definition of falling in love, I don’t know what is. Then again, I have never been in love so who am I to talk? Anyways, moving on!

The prologue of this book is incredible. It’s short, but I found myself sitting silently for a moment after reading it contemplating a few things and wow does that sound cliche and deep. Ya’ll know me though, I am the epitome of cliche it seems. Anyways, for someone who doesn’t really have happiness as a constant in her life, I found what Rosalind wrote very moving and even if you don’t like poetry, I think just reading the prologue would offer some insight for you.

First up, there is a poem that I really love. It is titled: “Elementary School”. It focuses on the innocence of children and even though it is written to embody a childhood crush, I think it could be applied to many different aspects of life, especially the horrible tragedy that was 2016. It basically sums up that as children we don’t see the world in black and white and that it doesn’t matter who you are, you are human and that is beautiful.

Another poem is called “Sad People” and I relate to this one on so many levels. I wrote a short story a few years back about always wearing a mask and that only those who also wore masks could see through it and this reminded me of it. It’s horrible that depression has become something that is considered taboo. Those who suffer with it do everything in their power to hide it and if that means constantly smiling or drinking their sorrows or even throwing parties, it just hits home. This could be interpreted in a bunch of scenarios, and yes even including a broken hearts. Not going to lie, it made me almost tear a up a bit.

Keeping on the theme of relatable poems we have “The Perfect Student”. This poem basically describes me from Senior Year. I was so tired in that year and not the tired that is fixed with a cup of coffee and a shot of B12, it was much deeper than that. Yet, I still got up went to school and sucked it up because what else could I do? I think if I would have had this poem back in 2015 and shown it to my mother, perhaps she would have understood a bit more.

The last poem I really liked was “Reasons”. In the poem the writer is stating the reasons she writes and there is one line that says, “I write because people swallow my feelings like it’s nothing worth mentioning.” That line just sort of hit me a bit hard. I write because I feel as if it’s the only way I can express my feelings and hopefully share them with others.

All throughout the book, metaphors play a large part in the storytelling and at times it was a bit overwhelming, but sometimes they worked incredibly. I think this book is for the person who needs a bit of guidance in their life, but I also think that even if you don’t care for all of the poems you will find one or a few that will affect you like they affected me. Overall I give this book a 4/5 stars. It produced an emotional response from me and that’s a big deal for me when it comes to books. You can check out the goodreads page: HERE

Happy Reading!

– Haley

*All opinions are my own. I was not paid for this review, but simply offered a copy of the book itself*

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