What I Want to See in Shadowhunters Season 2!


“The descent into Hell is easy.” – Cassandra Clare

November 15, 2016

January 2nd is a lot closer than we think.

I don’t know about you, but I am a huge fan of the show Shadowhunters. After the movies were canceled I was so upset, but when I heard they were bringing it back as a TV show, I was thrilled. I am a bit iffy on some of the cast members, but some really got it. For example: Magnus, Alec, Simon, and Raphael are perfect! I love Matt as Alec even if he does have brown eyes…well Dan Radcliffe had blue instead of green and we forgave him! So many moments were captured in season 1, but I have many hopes for Season 2 and with the addition of Maia, I think it is going to be great! Here are some things I want:

1) MORE MALEC. A lot of people have been saying that the relationship has been rushed, and though I agree, I am completely fine with it. I know that the original six books were really focused on Clary and Jace, but the Malec relationship got buried a lot. I am thrilled that the show is bringing them to life in such an amazing way. The wedding episode was my favourite. Yes, they went off book, but if I had to wait until the Hall of Accords scene just to see them kiss, I would give up on the show real quick. There is a scene in City of Ashes in which Magnus protects Alec from Robert, his father, and I know that won’t happen because Robert seemed pretty okay with them. However, I would like to see something like that or even Alec protecting Magnus. Oh and I want scenes from when they leave Alec for when they go to the Court. Yet, that may be changing in the series. You never know with these episodes! I just want more of my favourite ship! C’mon Freeform!

2) Clary and Jace find out they are not siblings! In the books, Jocelyn doesn’t wake up until the end of City of Glass…right? So she could never tell her daughter that Jace wasn’t her son. I hope she doesn’t just believe what Valentine says and thinks her son is alive…well he is, but we aren’t there yet. I really disliked the whole brother-sister angle Cassie did with Clace and was thrilled when it was revealed they weren’t related!

3) Maia, Simon, Izzy Love triangle. I think this happens much later in the books, but I want to see it start to flourish a bit! I know they will probably touch on the Climon relationship, but Sizzy is such a great pairing and the addition of Maia was what made me really start to ship them. Isabelle gets jealous and it shows how much she really cares for him. I also just want more werewolf and vampire stuff!

4) Simon becoming a daylighter! This has to happen because not only does it make Simon more prominent in the story, but it starts to explain the whole extra angel blood thing with Clary and Jace.

5) Jocelyn and Valentine to fight. I know this doesn’t happen in the books, but I would love to see the Morgensterns go head to head. Jocelyn was such a badass in the books and I really want to see that in the show. They woke her up early, so let’s hope we get more momma Fairchild kicking ass.

6) Saphael. Let me be clear that I ship their friendship! Raphael and Simon never get together… I love their dynamic and Raphael was always one of my favourite characters, so I hope we get more of them. Also as Raphael and Magnus have history, I would love to seem more interactions between them!

7) Clary and Alec. We all know that Clary and Alec never really got along in the beginning, but I really like their relationship in the show. They both care about Jace and are both very strong minded which is always a good thing when you’re a Shadowhunter. This would also be a good time to bring more Magnus in with Clary. I just want more scenes of him calling her biscuit.

8) SEBASTIAN. Enough said with that one. Just a small introduction, please!

If I can have all of that, then I will be very happy. I know it is a longer season, so let us rejoice in the return of Shadowhunters on Freeform!

What do you want to see in Shadowhunters season 2?

Happy Hunting!

– Haley

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