Film Thoughts: Alice Through The Looking Glass

“You’ve been gone too long, Alice. There are matters which might benefit from your attention. Friends cannot be neglected. Hurry!” – Absolem (Alan Rickman), Alice Through The Looking Glass (Film)

November 3, 2016

After six years, I returned to Wonderland.

Just to be clear, this is a review on the film, not the book so I hope you’re not confused now. Here’s the thing, I am so late to seeing this movie. I find that I don’t really care for movie theaters anymore…I can go into that later. ANYWAYS, I absolutely loved the film! I just sat and watched both Alice in Wonderland and Alice Through The Looking Glass and I would do it again! It was visually stunning and the acting was amazing as usual. The screenwriters took a beloved story and turned it into something so beautiful.

The premise for movie two is that the Hatter is fading away and in order to save him, Alice must go back in time and try to find out the truth. Meanwhile, old enemies rise and new obstacles cross her path, including Time himself. With the help of her friends both in past and present, Alice will go on another journey in her beloved Underland and hope to save her truest friend.

This bloody movie gave me so many feels! I cried so many times and I am not one to cry at films…that is a total lie…I cried during Finding Nemo. This is a no judgment zone! Stop it! Yes, you, I know what you are thinking…Jerry…is your name Jerry? If it is, hello Jerry, how are ya?

I’ve gone off topic…again. Back to the movie! I think my favourite thing about the film was that we got to see more of Underland rather than just the two Queens’ castles and the Tea Party. We see lush towns and busy cities old and new, it truly is something magical. I found myself thinking a lot, “I really wish I could write something this beautiful.” I mean, Lewis Carroll created this world and Tim Burton gets to make it into something ‘real’. As a child, Alice in Wonderland was my favourite book, movie, toy, everything! I loved Cheshire and Hatter and the White Rabbit! I believe that it shaped me to be a writer as I started to believe my imagination could create anything.

There is this one scene in the film that I really love. It’s quite simple, but very meaningful. Alice is in Time’s castle and she witnesses him go into the “Underlandians Living” room in which there are thousands of pocket watches suspended from the sky and Time goes and picks one and simple says, “Your time is up!” snaps the watch shut and bob is no longer your uncle. Bit morbid, I know, but I absolutely love the metaphor there. Imagine, all of our lives are simply just pocket watches…that amazes me.

Obviously there isn’t a castle inside a grandfather clock…or is there? I mean you never know, do you? Sacha Baron Cohen plays Time and I thought he was the perfect fit! He has a lot of scenes with Helena Bonham Carter who of course plays the Red Queen and me being a huge fan of their work together in Les Misérables loved every moment!

Okay we need to talk about one scene in particular that I kept rewinding. There is a part in which Alice goes back in time to “Fell Day” and here she sees a very young Hatter and just about the cutest thing, A BABY CHESHIRE CAT. I had to watch it about three times because he is just so damn adorable and ya’ll know how I feel about cats! Also, Tweedledee and Tweedledum are super cute in that scene. “WHERE’D THE CAT GO?”

I don’t want to spoil more of the plot, so I will move on to a very emotional attribute of the film: Absolem. Like in the first film, an Underlandian brings Alice back. In the first film it was the White Rabbit, but in film 2 it is Absolem, the wise blue butterfly. I obviously knew it was Alan Rickman’s last film, but I wasn’t quite expecting my heart to break when I heard his voice. He doesn’t speak much in this film, but it was enough.

Hell, I still get a bit teary eyed when I hear him say “Mister Todd” in the beginning of “Pretty Woman” off the Sweeney Todd soundtrack. I managed to pull myself together, however, and I think I knew it was coming, but there is a dedication at the end and I just lost it. I really don’t know why Rickman’s death is so haunting for me…I didn’t know him, never met the man. However, as a lover of film and let’s face it a complete Harry Potter nerd, it was as if we all knew him. It just breaks my heart that he never got to see the film hit the theaters. You are missed Sir…you are truly missed.

Okay, enough with the heavy! Alice Through The Looking Glass gets a 5/5 star from me. It made me angry, sad, excited, and kept my eyes glue to the screen at the climax. Truly brilliant! I hope you all will watch it one day. I know my mother wants to watch it, so I will be watching it again very soon!

Oh and always remember: NOTHING is impossible.

Stay Mad

– Haley

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