My ‘Dream Crate’ for Loot Crate!

“Because an illusion is an illusion. Reality always exists despite the facade.” ― Kasie West, Pivot Point

November 1, 2016

How geeky are you?

Hello! So I have something exciting to share with you. The lovely human beings over at Loot Crate are asking bloggers to put together their own ‘Dream Crate’. Basically, they want to know what WE would choose to put into one of their subscription boxes and I am ALL FOR IT.

If you don’t know what Loot Crate is, well let me tell you! Loot Crate is a monthly subscription box company that specializes in all things geek! They have items from Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter, X-Men, Halo, Game of Thrones, and much more! Each box contains about 4-6 items and always follows a theme. For example, this month’s theme is MAGIC. So you can expect some Doctor Strange and Fantastic Beasts I’m sure!

For the theme, I struggled for a bit as I had SO MANY ideas. I first thought of doing a Harry Potter Villain box because you guys know how much Draco Malfoy means to me. Honorary Death Eater, anyone? I was then going back and forth between comic books and TV shows and FINALLY, I settled on a theme!

Thus I created my own ‘Dream Crate’. This is the ILLUSION box

1) Harry Potter Illuminating Wand. Of course, I mean, what is the best way to create an illusion? Be a WIZARD. You may think brewing a polyjuice potions is all Cauldrons and Knottgrass, but there is actually a lot of wand work involved! Also, you never know when you’ll need to produce a stinging jinx to avoid some Snatchers!

2) The Doctor Strange Funko Pop. Doctor Strange is a new superhero for me and I already love him! The movie seems like a mixture of Harry Potter and Inception! He can bend time and space…if that’s not an illusion master, I don’t know who is!
3) Doctor Strange Heat Reveal Mug. More Doctor Strange! I absolutely love heat reveal mugs and when I saw that Doctor Strange had one, I was sold! Just add hot water and watch the magic come to life!
4) Scarlet Witch Print. One of my favourite Marvel heroes is Scarlet Witch. Wanda is just such a badass woman and her powers always amaze me. One of the best cinematic moments in Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron is when Wanda gets inside Tony’s head and he sees that strange vision of the team dead in space…master of illusions, she is! Plus, red is one of my favourite colours!
5) Loki Keychain. Keeping with Marvel, I chose a Loki Keychain because…well because it’s Loki. Loki in mythology and in the comics is the god of mischief and magic! In both Thor films and the Avengers we see just how talented he is at fooling the eye. Remember when he made it look like he cut off Thor’s hand? Ah, good times! Besides, how cute is it!?
6) What Happens on The Holodeck T-Shirt. I couldn’t do a ‘Dream Crate’ without including Star Trek! I grew up watching all of the series and the movies because my parents were huge trekkies. Even now with the new films, I am such a big fan. However, I still haven’t seen Beyond…damn. My favourite episode, well, one of them is from Star Trek: Voyager and it’s the episode entitled: The Killing Game. The entire ship is turned into a massive holodeck and it’s just such a different episode for the series. The Holodeck always amazed me as a child and I thought it was very appropriate. Also, the shirt was pretty funny!

There we have it! The Illusion ‘Dream Crate’! If you could create one, what would you add to yours? Let me know in the comments below!

Stay Nerdy!

– Haley

DISCLAIMER: I have not received anything for this post, but I was so happy when they reached out to me and hope to see some of these items in the future!


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