Bookish Thoughts: A Court of Mist and Fury


“Hello, Feyre darling,” – Sarah J. Maas, A Court of Mist and Fury

October 23, 2016

This is a long time coming.

I finished this book in September and just haven’t really been emotionally prepared to give a review. This book ruined me. I thought ACOTAR was good and I was so on team Tamlin…that is now a complete laugh. I dislike Tamlin so much that I would feel nothing if Sarah decided to kill him in the end. However, if she dare touches a hair on Rhysand…we are going to have a major problem. In a way, I knew that Rhys was going to become a much grander character when I read ACOTAR and at the end of book 1 I knew exactly what had happened. When Rhys is talking to Feyre on the balcony under the mountain…it was pretty obvious and that made me really excited to read book 2.

Feyre’s character is quite challenging for me to read. I don’t really connect with her and I really hate that. I love her character, but something about her is making me become distant from her if that is the right word. I feel way more connected to Az and Cassian than Feyre. I really enjoyed her character arch in book 2, but at times I felt as if it was a bit rushed…

Something that surprised me as a reader was the amount of sex in the book. Now, I am not a prude at all, but I usually hate reading sex scenes. They are usually written so horribly and it just becomes awkward…yet, I think Maas writes them perfectly. Any romantic or love scenes were described in a tasteful manner and I respect that. Which brings me to my next point: RELATIONSHIPS. I swear if Azriel and Mor do not end up together, I will give up on fictional love. Case and Point! Az is amazing and he is one of those supporting characters that could steal the show if he so desired and in a way, I think he does. He and Cassian were a shock for me. I figured they would just be mindless henchmen or followers like Lucien is to Tamlin, I was so wrong. They are family to Rhys just as Mor is, same with Amren. Every time they had scenes together as their little family I couldn’t help but smile.

Amren is an interesting character. She was not what I expected at all. I like that she is this sassy and badass women who is very deadly and people know it. Amren is the one character that I can’t predict. I have no idea where Sarah is going with her, but I am so excited to see! Is it May yet? Another character I really loved in book 1 is Lucien. I really liked his and Feyre’s relationship and for a time I thought something was going to happen between them. Now, however, I am not sure how I feel about him. He was just doing Tamlin’s bidding and I get that, but in my opinion he could have definitely saved Feyre and seeked asylum in Night Court…just a thought.

Now Tamlin…oh Tamlin. I was really rooting for you, mate. Then you had to become a tool. Feyre risked everything for him and it was really Rhys the entire time that she should have been risking her life for…this irks me. Although, at the end of the book, I started to think Tamlin could be redeemed, then he stole Feyre and took her back to Spring and I just lost it! He is such a bastard that I find myself not wanting to read anything about him! Just…..ARG.

Let us talk about Rhysand for a moment. Rhys for me is the Damon Salvatore of Prythian. You know it’s true! If they ever made a movie, my vote is for Ian Somerhalder! He is this cocky bastard who thinks he is entitled to everything and can kill you in a matter of seconds. Yet, he is also this caring, loving little teddy bear who cares for Feyre and his precious Velaris and I just want to hug him. WE MUST PROTECT RHYSAND AT ALL COSTS! I think my favourite Rhysand moment is actually in book 1 when he assists Feyre with the reading trial…like c’mon! If that isn’t a dream guy…I don’t know what is. When their bond is broken in Hybern I was crying so hard. In a way I knew that their mating bond wasn’t broken, but it was still horrible. I love Feysand and I think that they will prevail in the end. I am so looking forward to see how Feyre fairs in the Spring Court in book 3. My only hope is that she constantly taunts Lucien behind Tamlin’s back. PLEASE LET THIS HAPPEN!

Favourite part? When it is revealed that Rhys made Feyre the High Lady of the Night Court. As if she wasn’t badass enough. Now we have the most powerful couple on the face of planet earth and I am so ready. I think I am going to like Feyre a lot more in book 3.

There is a lot that I didn’t mention because this review would end up being an entire novel. I highly recommend you read this series. I was so late to the party and now I really want to read Sarah’s other series because apparently it is LIFE. I give this book a 5/5 of course and I cannot wait till book 3. What are you looking forward in book 3? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy Reading!

– Haley

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