I Left, I Lived, and Now I Want To Go Back

“Let us step into the night and pursue that flighty temptress, adventure.” ― J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

September 14, 2016

I left my house.

Now I bet a lot of you are like…bruh, you hate people, you hate anything to do with socializing, and you…well, Haley, you never go outside….TRUE! However, it has come to my attention that I actually enjoy going outside…just not where people dwell. Hence, I left my comfortable home for ten days to go visit my oldest sister, my brother-in-law, and my nephew in the ever so beautiful Washington State. I have said before that I used to live there and by GOD did I miss it. It was so nice to go and see it and see pine trees and mountains…man it was beautiful. Let us begin with day 1…the easiest driving day.


Day one of driving was rather easy as my mother and I left very early from our home and onto the freeway we went. It was at least a half days drive to our first stop. I had my tea and my book and I was all ready to go. We were halfway there when I realized that one, I was in a sports car, two, I hadn’t eaten breakfast, and three I WAS IN A BLOODY SPORTS CAR. Now this wasn’t some tiny ferrari, but it is not that comfortable to sit in for many hours at a time. I tried to sleep and I was actually able to, thankfully. Now I said this was the easiest day…wait till day two. Day two was…well, horrible. I don’t drive, mind you. I don’t have my license for many reasons that I don’t care to touch on right now. So my poor mother had to drive the whole way…sorry Mom. Anyways, we hit Portland, Oregon on day two and we are OVER IT. If you have ever visited The City of Bridges or if you live there, you know how much of a pain in the ass it is at rush hour.

We were stuck on a bridge for almost an hour in gridlock traffic…we became hysterical. We had no food and the radio wasn’t working…I still have nightmares about it…Anyways we got through to Vancouver, WA and then it was even more hours till we got to my sisters…Finally we arrived and I had never want to kiss the ground before. Well, except that one time I was on the boat and we were caught in a thunderstorm and I was tempted to chance it with the Killer Whales in order to get off that rickety thing. Mind you, wild Orcas are not like Shamu…

Guys, my nephew got SO BIG! He’s three and I hadn’t seen him since I graduated high school and I just wanted to squeeze him. We ate dinner and thus began our vacation. That first day we just chilled at the house, I spent most of it outside in the yard  breathing in that evergreen air and avoiding wasps and mosquitos. I FORGOT ABOUT THE BLOODY WASPS. Evil little bastards, aside, the next day we went off to a farm to hang out for my brother’s work party. There was a zipline, hell no.

The next day was the best. We went to Mount Rainier National Park and I have never been surprisingly. It was beautiful. The drive there was glorious, the vistas were perfect, the food kind of sucked, but everything else…damn. We hiked a bit and got lunch and I met a really cute guy, it was worth it. Unfortunately, the monkey (my nephew) was sick and he just wasn’t having it at all…poor little guy.

We also saw a pretty cool waterfall that I just had to take selfies in front of. I mean, you sort of have to.

The next few days were spent just milling around, that is until my amazing Brother took me to a bookstore. Rick, I love you. We went to a Barnes and Noble and can I just say this one had a wayyy better record collection. I was going to buy the complete Hamilton soundtrack, but that shit was like eighty dollars…..noooooooo.

I managed to buy four books, two albums, a writing exercise book, and two more funkos (Draco and Sirius of course). I think it was the happiest moment of my whole trip, although my bank account is very low and oh yeah, I HAVE NO JOB…SHIT. RIP MY BANK ACCOUNT

For the rest of the trip we just hung out, ate mexican food and watched Jurassic World…three times…it’s my nephew’s favourite movie…Ten days away and I wish I could have stayed longer. There will come a time when I go back and stay. So that is what I was up to during August. What did you do?

Stay Adventurous

– Haley



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