Book Review: Me Before You

July 19th, 2016

Tell me something good.

I had never heard of “Me Before You” by Jojo Moyes before, well not until I saw the trailer for the movie. I am usually not one for romance books, but this story really caught my attention. In some ways I knew how it would end, but I still read it. The story of Louisa Clark and William Traynor really hit me and I know that sounds so cliche, but I honestly don’t have many words for what I just I finished reading.

Obviously there was this very compelling connection between Lou and Will and nobody can deny that, but this book was much more than that. In a word it was, HUMAN. I read this in almost a good 24 hours and to be honest, I am so speechless. I haven’t felt this way since I first read “The Fault in Our Stars” by John Green. I feel sort of empty and numb…again I am probably getting way too emotional over a book. You know what? No, I don’t care. This is how books make me feel and if I want to write about that, then I will.

This book made me feel sad, happy, excited, sympathetic, envious, and even irrelevant. I’m not exactly sure why, but I felt like I had been a cold-hearted arse and then this book made me experience every emotion out there. If you have no idea what this is about, let me help you.

Basically, Will Traynor was in an accident and is now a quadriplegic who needs a non-medical caretaker and the lovely Louisa Clark is hired for the job. Over the book, the two don’t always see eye to eye and they fight and laugh and create this very layered relationship that is just so beautiful. Both characters go through drastic changes and on some level, I felt like I just had an awakening of my own. Will is in such a vulnerable state and the fact that this stranger can come into his life and create new memories of happiness and love, it just warms me from the inside out.

Throughout the book Will has his ups and downs and I find it really insightful to see his hardships through the eyes of an AB (abled bodied) and that Louisa starts to automatically understand his needs without asking him. Their bond is so special and I have personally never read anything this complex. It doesn’t exactly start out as a romance novel and I think that is completely up my alley. I don’t care for Nicholas Spark type novels, I like the romance to come gradually and make it seem real and Jojo Moyes seriously hit the nail on that.

Part of me wished there was a different ending and for those who have read it would probably agree, but then again I think the ending is what the book needed. I cried and sobbed and wanted to throw the book across the room, but I don’t think any other ending would have provided the same emotional response. There is a sequel call “After You”, but I am actually refusing to read it. I want to stay within these two characters lives and I somehow don’t think a sequel was necessary…but it may still be good. If you want to read book 2 go for it, but I won’t be.

Some of the supporting characters were very well written as well. There is Nathan, Will’s medical caretaker and friend, Camilla and Stephen Traynor, his parents, Patrick, Lou’s boyfriend, Katrina, Lou’s sister, and Josie and Bernard, Lou’s Parents. At some points in the book there were chapters that were about four to six pages long in their point of view and I thought that if it continued after the first one which is Will’s mother, then it would sort of make me disconnect from the story, but I was wrong. I really liked that we got to see Will’s world through the eyes of not just Louisa. There are two chapters in which his parents tell the story, one with Nathan, and one with Katrina. You can definitely see the difference between Stephen and Camilla’s point of views and how they think about their situation and it really shows just how much Will’s accident had taken a toll on them and their marriage, yet their love for their son remains very strong.

When it comes to Katrina’s chapter, Moyes was able to show Louisa in a different light. Instead of the bubbly little Louisa Clark, we saw her darker and more woebegone side and even in just a few pages I saw a whole new dimension to her character. Even though she is twenty-six, Lou grows up throughout the novel and really starts to break out of her shell and it is really all thanks to William. Will was able to convince her to take that leap and go and “Live Boldly”.

Overall I think this book has made it up into my favourite novels list and I think that is solely based off how it made me react. Sure there are novels that are full of action and magic, but to me, if a book delivers a high emotional response and makes you think about life and your emotions, and how it can make you completely vulnerable, then it’s perfect. This book is a solid 5/5 stars in my eyes and I am so excited to see the film even though I will probably end up bawling the second they get to Mauritius. William Traynor and Louisa Clark will forever be in my heart and I thank Jojo Moyes for creating them, I highly recommend this beautiful piece of literature as it is purely a piece of art.

P.S If you don’t think you like romance novels, think of this as I coming of age book. Or perhaps just a book about two people who find each other and create something beautiful. Good Luck.

Happy Reading

– Haley

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