Book Review: Hollow City

June 29, 2016

Happy Wednesday!

As you can see I have stopped doing the whole ‘Hello Hello Hello!’ thing…it was getting annoying. Anyways I am very happy to bring you a new book review! I have finally finished “Hollow City” by Ransom Riggs! It is the second novel in the Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children series and it really just made me love this series even more.

Book two begins just as book one left off with the children and Miss Peregrine fleeing from Cairnholm in the small row boats. Over the rest of the book they are met with challenges and meet new people along the way. Some of these new characters prove to be helpful, others, traitors. Ransom Riggs has this ability to completely redesign the concept of time travel as he introduces more loops into the story. In the first book we get a little bit of an introduction to the time homes that the peculiars live in and throughout the second book more and more loops are found and we really get to see the difference in the way they were created and how they work.

One of my favourite parts about this book is that Jacob has really started to come out of his shell, but he hasn’t had such a drastic character development that is overwhelms the reader. He still gets scared when he senses the hollows and isn’t this big shot acting all cocky and all heroic. He understands that he is in charge of keeping these kids safe and it scares him. Jacob feels like he will fail them as all the times he has fought hollows, he believes it was all luck. Emma tries to convince him that this is who he was meant to be and that his peculiarity was not built on luck, but heart.

Emma takes on the role of leader in this book and can I just say how refreshing it is to have such a strong female character AND a strong male character leading, but still dealing with the faults of human emotions. There are moments where Emma and Jacob separate from
the group to talk things over and you really start to understand their strength, but also their weaknesses as they are still technically children. I really love the way that Riggs made Emma more the general and Bronwyn is like the mother of the group. It’s Bronwyn that is constantly comforting Olive and making sure she is alright, when Emma is just trying to make sure they don’t end up in the hands of wights.

Not only do these kids have worry about Miss Peregrine still being a bird or the fact that they have crazy white-eyed sociopaths on the trail, but they are in 1940 London! If you know your history then you would know this is WWII prime time. London was getting pelted with bombs almost every night and the causalities were growing day by day. ALSO children were being shipped away to stay safe, remember “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe”? Same concept. So now they have angry adults trying to ship them off, falling explosives, and angry wights all gunning for them, no pun intended, all while trying to find Miss Wren.

Now I think a huge amount of props need to be given to our favorite Buzzing Bee Boy, Hugh! He really comes out of his shell in this book and basically becomes a bad-ass.
Another who really surprised me was Enoch. Enoch aka Death Boy is always being morbid and well, gross. Yet, he really starts to understand their purpose and in one scene in which they are interacting with a young girl, it is Enoch who helps keep her calm…who are you and what have you done with Death Boy?!

I have read a lot of fantasy books that try way too hard to be weird or different. This series so far has really just developed into weird on its own…as if Riggs never intended some if it. Just like book one, “Hollow City” is accompanied by those really eerie photographs and sometimes I really shouldn’t read at night. The haunting photos and the very descriptive jargon that goes along with them can really send chills down your spine and make you keep looking towards that dark corner in your room. Scared yet?

We get to meet many new peculiars as well in book two. There is a telekinetic, twins who are echo-locators, and even a girl who can create ice. I love that their powers are so unusual and well peculiar when you compare them to other literary characters with powers. I mean who else has a colony of bees living in their stomach?

I really don’t want to give anything away, but there are major plot twists that will not only anger you, but get really excited for book three, trust me! I give this book 5/5 stars and I am going to go start “Library of Souls” right after I post this! I highly recommend you read this series even if you don’t think you will like it. I was a bit skeptical, but it’s becoming a favourite of mine!

Also I mean how can you not love little Olive?

Happy Reading!

– Haley

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