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June 12, 2016

Hello Hello Hello!

Or shall I say, what ails you?!

I have recently just re-watched the original Lord of the Rings trilogy and really wanted to do a tag. Sadly I couldn’t find any online, but I did manage to find the LOTR 30 Day Challenge. It’s basically just really short questions that you’re supposed to answer each day, but….nobody got time for that, so I am just going to answer them here! Aye, let’s go!!

1| FAVOURITE FILM? My favourite film is definitely the second one: Lord of the Rings: Two Towers. Not a lot of people tend to choose it as their favourite, but I really like the introduction to the Roheryns and of the Ents. There is so many different perspectives and I also really like Legolas and Gimi’s relationship and how they slowly start becoming friends rather than enemies.

2| FAVOURITE BATTLE? This ties into the previous question. As much as I would like to say that the Battle of Minas Tirith is my favourite, I just can’t. Out of all of them, Battle of Helms Deep is by far my favourite. Not only is it just full of action, but humor as well. It is the first time Legolas and Gimli start their whole counting kills thing and it’s hilarious. Also, Aragorn really steps up and becomes the man that Rohan needs. He always tries to push down his birthright, but at Helms Deep he realizes that if he is to be king of Gondor he will need to show Rohan basically, how it’s done. This battle features some of the best stunts as well including Legolas surfing down the stairs shooting Uruk Hai.

3| FAVOURITE CHARACTER? Easy. Aragorn/Strider/Estel. He is also my favorite character in the books and let me tell you why. We first meet him and he is known as Strider, a ranger, nothing else. Soon though his “bestie”aka the Princeling who brags too much, reveals his true lineage and even then Aragorn stays humble and is only focused on fighting for what he believes, not gaining power. I always loved how protective he was of Frodo and how much of an honorable man he was. He was the epitome of strength and honor and that is what the films and books really needed to keep everyone together.

Aragorn, son of Arathorn


Boromir’s Demise. 


Legolas taking down an Oliphaunt like a boss.

6| UGLIEST ORC? This guy!

*shudders in disgust*

7| FAVOURITE ANTAGONIST? Sauron. Only because I actually really liked the fact that nobody really ever interacted with him directly, but the threat was always there. It was orcs and uruk hai that they were fighting, but it was Sauron that put the fear in their hearts.

8| GONDOR OR ROHAN? GONDOR because even though it was lost, there was the hope of revival just around the corner at all times and his name is Aragorn.


10| OTP? Well when it comes to people who actually were together, I really like Arwen and Aragorn. Yet, there is that small part of me that really likes Eoywn and Aragorn…wait…no…no no no. Hahahah that’s funny. No people.  Aragorn and Arwen, that’s endgame.

11| BRO-TP? I mean, do you really need to ask…although at times they are my OTP…whoops.

c’mon. The bromance is soooo strong. Watch out Arwen.

12| FAVOURITE LOCATION? Lothlorien by far. It’s absolutely gorgeous.

Although Galadriel would freak me out TBH

13| FAVOURITE WEAPON? Bow and Arrow. If I were to be in a fight in Middle Earth I’d want one of those! Although I think the Balrog whip is pretty bad ass, no?

14| FAVOURITE OUTFIT? Now I know technically, Thranduil isn’t in the LOTR, but it’s the same universe. Anything the King of Mirkwood wears is fabulous.

15| FAVOURITE ARMOR? Elvish. Mithril and all that jazz. I just think it looks the nicest.

16| FAVOURITE FEMALE CHARACTER? Eowyn. I mean she killed the witch king and has some pretty bad ass lines. Also she gets Faramir, so that’s cool.

17| ELVES OR DWARVES? Elves…obviously.

18| COOLEST VISUAL EFFECT? The shot in which the armies of the dead basically cause a tidal wave over Minas Tirith. I think it looks so awesome. I love that this giant wave of green was just consuming all of the evil in it’s path.

19| WEIRDEST SCREENCAP? Not sure if it’s the weirdest, but it’s my favourite.

Orlando…what are you doing bro?


I still cry, every time. RIP Boromir

21| MOST INSPIRING MOMENT? Aragorn’s speech before the black gates of Mordor. I don’t think you can get much better than that. It was pretty epic.

22| CHARACTER YOU PITY THE MOST? I don’t pitty any of them. If I had to choose maybe it would be Merry as he is constantly told he is not good enough to fight. Then again, probably not…moving on. Oh wait, I know! Theoden, King of
Rohan. First, the poor man gets possessed by a crazy wizard, then he finds out his son died, then his kingdom is attacked followed by the death of his lieutenant. I mean the poor man can’t catch a bloody break. Oh and he dies. There’s that.

23| LEAST FAVOURITE CHARACTER? EASY! Lord Denethor…Worst Father Ever!

I mean he literally tried to burn Faramir alive,,,

24| SCARIEST MOMENT? When that damn Spider is all up in Frodo’s business. Now I don’t think it’s necessarily scary, but creepy as hell and I can never watch when Shelob stings him, it hurts.

25| FAVOURITE QUOTE? That is pretty hard to pick but Aragorn’s Speech has always stuck with me and I have committed it to memory so here it is: “Hold your ground, hold your ground! Sons of Gondor, of Rohan, my brothers! I see in your eyes the same fear that would take the heart of me. A day may come when the courage of men fails, when we forsake our friends and break all bonds of fellowship, but it is not this day. An hour of wolves and shattered shields, when the age of men comes crashing down! But it is not this day! This day we fight! By all that you hold dear on this good Earth, I bid you stand, Men of the West!”

26|  WHERE WOULD YOU LIVE IN MIDDLE EARTH? This is a toss up between the three Elven Realms we see: Mirkwood, Home of King Thranduil and Prince Legolas, Lothlorien, Home of the Lady Galadriel, and Rivendell, Home of Lord Elrond. As it seems like the most protected, perhaps Rivendell. Also I mean who wouldn’t want to hang out with Elladan and Elrohir.

27| ISENGARD OR MORDOR? Isengard…why is this a question?

28| ENTS OR EAGLES? Ents, they did more. Sorry not sorry.

29| HAVE YOU READ THE BOOKS? Yep! I own them too. I have also read the Hobbit, which you should too!

30| HOW YOU GOT INTO LOTR? I watched the movies at a really young age and after FOTR came out I asked my mom if she would buy me the books and the rest is history. To be honest I probably shouldn’t have been watching all that violence and death as a wee child, but I turned out semi-normal, so I guess it worked out.

All done! I tweaked these a bit, but if you would like to answer these I would love to read your responses!

– Haley

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