Book Review: The Reflections of Queen Snow White

June 7, 2016

Hello Hello Hello!

I have been revived ladies and gentlemen! Remember that rut? Well somehow I managed to dig myself out and I am back on the book train and coming full speed ahead at you with a new review! This week: “The Reflections of Queen Snow White” by David Meredith! First off I would like to thank Mr. Meredith for delving into my blog and sending me a copy of his book to read and to give an honest review and in no way does that affect my thoughts on this piece of work.

Now I got this about a month ago, but as you guys know I work full time, and we were working towards our big performance, and I am constantly battling a little thing known as depression or as I like to call it, the life-ruiner. I haven’t had the time to really just sit down and read a book, until today that is. I woke up this morning with a full blown sore throat, aches, chills, the whole shebang. So of course I stayed home and read all day. I managed to re-read Trials of Apollo (I know, I have a problem! BUT GUYS ITS PERCY JACKSON!) and read this little gem.

As I have said in previous reviews I will TRY not to spoil things, but sometimes that cannot be avoided, sorry not sorry. Also I would like to make clear that this is my honest opinion and even if there are things I didn’t like, doesn’t mean that you won’t like them too. Give this book a read because David Meredith is definitely a promising author and I do believe this book deserves more credit. Alright, let’s get into it.

Now, when I first began reading this, I wasn’t so sure of it. For one, it’s an ebook and if you guys know me at all, you know I HATE ebooks. I don’t like reading off of screens as it gives me headaches, but I thought I would suck it up for this one. I am pleasantly surprised that the fact that I had to read it off an Ipad didn’t bother me as much. The beginning starts out in sort of a weird way that almost made me give up on it, to be honest. The first few pages are in the point of view of these two hawks and it was very confusing. I managed to read on, but I didn’t quite understand the point of it. I mean it was a very unique start to a book and nothing like I’ve read before, but I still didn’t quite care for those first pages.

Aside from that I thought the plot was very original and even just reading the synopsis got me interested. Basically, Prince Charming has died and Snow White’s daughter, Raven, is about to get married. Yet, poor Snow is still very much hurt from the passing over her husband so she runs off and ends up finding the Magic Mirror. Yes, you know what mirror I’m talking about. We’ve all seen the movies. Whether it was Disney’s rendition, Charlize Theron, or Once Upon a Time, that freaking mirror is pretty damn famous.

The entire story revolves around the mirror as it sort of acts like Snow White’s personal wake up call. It shows her the past and how she had managed to go from an abused, scared, little princess into a strong confident queen with a lot of bumps in the road. I really enjoyed the take on the story. I mean it’s still the classic story, but I like the fact that we, as readers, are able to see what happened after the destruction of the Evil Queen and more of the hardships little Snow endured.

Although, at times, I was a bit overwhelmed. Now I love imagery, don’t get me wrong, but at times it was a bit of an overkill. In my opinion you don’t need to explain everything in such grand detail to get a point across. This really only bothered me at the beginning with the hawks, but throughout the rest of the novel, it popped up a few more times.

One more thing that wasn’t exactly my cup of tea and this is sort of a spoiler, but hopefully you won’t mind. There is a rather descriptive sex scene in this book. Now I am not a prude at all, but in my personal opinion, reading descriptive sex scenes just doesn’t do it for me. This is not Fifty Shades stuff, but something about visualizing Snow White and Prince Charming along with engorged body parts…I don’t know, mate, not for me. When it comes to sex scenes in novels, for me, it’s about the tone and feel of the book. This book started out rather innocent and you know, very Snow White Fairy-taleish, then BAM! They’re naked! But, hey, if you’re into that, you will probably enjoy it! Although I do have to say it was very well written and I see that it was important in not only plot, but character development.

If you have been reading my blog for a while then you would know about one of my favorite terms: the bottle book. This is a bottle book…sort of. A bottle book is when the plot takes place in one place, at one time. Technically, Snow White never leaves the tower for most of the book, but I guess if you look at the flashbacks, then I guess you couldn’t call it that. Well whatever, I am still calling it a bottle book. It is a rather short book and I managed to read it in about three to five hours. I am not one for fairy-tales sometimes, but this one was a different take on it, I could see it becoming a movie or a play. Meredith was able to create a new twist on Snow White while still having that original comforting character that everyone loves.

I also really admire that he was able to make the Mirror a character. In some books, when authors try to make inanimate objects characters, it does not work at all! So far I have only read one other book in which it works and that was “Magnus Chase: Sword of Summer” by Rick Riordan, you can read my review over in the Books section of my blog! Riordan, like Meredith, was able to give the sword so much character and it really added something special to the story. That goes for the mirror as well, it played a huge part in Snow White’s character development and I praise the author for that!

I didn’t read any of the reviews before reading this. I never do when I want to read a new book, it sort of ruins the experience in my opinion. All in all, I enjoyed this book. I think that David Meredith has a promising future as a writer and that more people should read this and give him feedback. I know that when I eventually finish this damn book I am writing (Please don’t ask how it’s going, I am slowly tearing my hair out) I would definitely want feedback and criticism. Oh and if you are one who enjoys listening to music while you read, for this book I highly recommend the Snow White & the Huntsman score by James Newton Howard and Thor: The Dark World score by Brian Tyler, super intense.

Well I am off to read my next book which may be the Twilight Saga again or I may start the Selection Series…not sure yet! Anyways I hope you give this book a chance and really read it and give an honest review!

Happy Reading!

– Haley

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