Book Review: Trials Of Apollo: The Hidden Oracle

May 5, 2016
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Two days later and I am already writing a review for Rick Riordan’s new novel: “Trials of Apollo: The Hidden Oracle. I received this book on Tuesday, the day it came out, and read it in about 10 hours. Unlike the previous books in the PJO world, this book is narrated by a god rather a demigod. The story follows Apollo, god of the sun, archery, medicine, music, well the list goes on. 

At the end of “The Blood of Olympus” Apollo is sent back to Olympus to await his punishment for a number of things. His father, Zeus, punishes him by sending him down to earth and removing his divine powers. Now Apollo must learn to live in modern day NYC as a mortal teenager. With the help of a few friends, one in particular that thoroughly enjoys water, Apollo travels to Camp Half-Blood hoping to gain help from Chiron and other demigods. 
Yet, things aren’t that great at camp…shocker right. Demigods are going missing and communications are down. Now in my opinion this doesn’t really shock me. After two major wars, can everyone really expect everything to just go back to normal and have a lovely winter at camp? NOPE. Like always, someone needs rescuing or killing, or even training. I absolutely love the fact that when Apollo joins camp he is considered a camper and the Olympian has to participate in camp activities and the campfire sing along. Luckily, the god had his children to look out for him. One child in particular is Will. William Solace has been dotted around in the past ten books. He was a huge part in the Titan War as well as the rebellion against Gaea. Yet, at times, I always thought he was a bit underestimated, but in this new book I think he’s really starting to shine…excuse the pun. PLUS he has Nico di Angelo to make his life even better, because, you know, Nico has a doctors note, and Will is his doctor. 
Usually when it comes to the first book in a series I tend to think they are really bland and boring, but not this one. Riordan successfully set up for the next four books in a way that really makes me question what will happen next. Sometimes you can guess what will happen because the foreshadowing is just too obvious, but not in this case. I have my suspicions as I do with every book, but I am sure the next books will surprise me. 
My hopes for the next book? I really hope that Artemis makes an appearance. I always loved when the twins interact and I think it would be interesting to see how Artemis acts around her mortal brother. 
Now, there is a new villain, well three villains, in the book, but I am not going into that because it was a pretty big reveal in my opinion. After PJO and HoO I really didn’t think Riordan could keep me interesting, but I was so wrong. This book made me experience so many emotions and I absolutely loved it! Oh, and yes, I do realize that most of these books are written for children, but I don’t care! I am almost nineteen and if I want to read about demigods and talking trees, then by the gods I am going to do it! 
So I highly recommend reading this book if you are a fan of PJO or HoO! In other news I recently bought two more of Riordan’s book: Magnus Chase: The Sword of the Summer and The Kane Chronicles: The Red Pyramid. I will let you know how those are after I finish “Eleanor & Park” which I am enjoying immensely! 
I’ve also been more active on my goodreads account so check me out here:
Alright, well that’s it! I hope you have an amazing day!
Happy Reading!

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