Mindful Mondays: A Letter to my Kids

May 2, 2016

Hello Hello Hello!
I think I should stop opening with that…maybe.
I am back to doing Mindful Mondays which in all honesty may not last, but whatever. So here’s the thing. Yesterday Connor Franta posted a video on his Youtube Channel with a letter to his future children and you know what? I am going to do the same! I mean why not? I know I am only 18, but in the future I plan to have children and maybe they’ll read this one day and see how much of a crazy rambler their mother was…here it goes.

Hey Kids,
By the way, that isn’t how you start a letter. Normally I would go through the MLA format for you, but I doubt they still use it by the time you’re reading this. So anyways, hey I’m your mom. Right now I am sitting in your grandmother’s office writing this to you and shaking from the amount of caffiene running through my veins. Yeah, I was a bit of a coffee addict, am I still like that? Huh. Anyways, what are you like? How many are there of you? Boys? Girls? Are you tall? What color are your eyes? Who is your dad? Is he nice? He better be! Your grandfather wasn’t a spring peach, well the one on my side.
What do you like to do? Are any of you dancers? I was! I am sure you are better than I was! Do I annoy you with my weird taste in music? Is Justin Bieber considered old music at this point? Have I shown you all seven seasons of Buffy yet? Or even all twelve seasons of Bones? No? Well remind me because those shows will blow your mind, trust me! I bet your father is shaking his head and hiding all of my DVD sets.
Oh, where are we living? I hope somewhere historical! Sounds nerdy huh? Oh, what am I doing? Did I ever go to college? Are you in college? I hope you’re smart…I hope you’re dad is smart…he probably is…I wouldn’t marry anyone who wasn’t smart. Are you dating anyone? I hope not. Well, I hope I’ve met them and they are nice. I had some pretty bad relationships in high school, ask me about that sometime. Have you read any other posts on this website…sorry if you did, they are pretty horrendous. Is blogging still a thing?
I hope you are happy and always smiling. I am sure you would get that from your father. You better be healthy! To my sons, you can be whatever you want to be! You can love who you want and if you ever do anything to piss off anyone of your siblings, I will hunt you down, love you! To my daughters, I hope you made better decisions than your mother did! You’re going to face a lot of challenges in this world as a woman, but I know that any kid of mine will kick anyone’s ass if they felt threatened! I carry pepper spray, but who knows what you’ll be able to carry by the time you’re reading this. Oh and girls, take care of your brothers, in my family, women always took care of them men! Be nice to your parents!
Love, Mom.

Author: My Thoughts are a Blog

21. Blogger, Star Wars, Marvel, and Book Enthusiast, Over-thinker, Aspiring Author who hates everything she writes, and mother to Gracie & Ghost.

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