Book Review: Blood of Olympus

May 2, 2016
Hello Hello Hello!
It’s the finale people! Tomorrow The Trials of Apollo comes out and I have the final review for you! The Blood of Olympus by Rick Riordan! Now I can’t promise this will spoiler free because I have so many damn feels about this spectacular novel. There are two main POVs in this book. We see Reyna, Coach Hedge, and Nico traveling across the world strapped to the Athena Parthenos and then the complete crew of the Argo II. 

During this book I was an absolute wreck which hasn’t happened in a while. I was happy, giddy, sad, angry, and just miserable at times. It has been a while since a book has made me experience such emotions and I want to thank Rick Riordan for that. Sounds silly, right? I know, but as I am trying to become an author myself, when a book creates that sort of reaction I can’t help but be in awe. Riordan is definitely someone I look up to in the literature world and this book completely showcases that. Once the seven are reunited it’s an all out race to Acropolis to hopefully stop the rising of Gaea and defeat the giants. Meanwhile poor Nico di Angelo is struggling with fading into the shadows as he exerts himself in shadow traveling.

After capturing Nike, the goddess of victory, the seven are tasked with finding the ingredients of the Physician’s Cure. In theory it is supposed to be able to bring back someone just after they died. Yet, there is only enough to make one dose. In order to find the remaining ingredient of the cure the crew travels to Delos to speak with out favorite twin gods, Apollo and Artemis. Now I don’t know about you, but Apollo is my favorite of the Olympians! Besides his horrifying haiku problem and cocky personality, he seems to be the most “human” if you get what I mean. Also, I love the dynamic between Artemis and Apollo. Their constant bickering makes it so believable especially when Apollo mentions that his father, Zeus banished the twins to Delos because they were causing him a headache.
Meanwhile on the way back to Long Island, the trio, plus the large Athena Parthenos are being hunted by Orion. Orion was killed by Artemis way back when and she turned him into a constellation, but when the Doors of Death are hijacked, Orion and his giant compound bow just skipped right on through. Although with the help of Reyna’s sister, Hylla, Queen of the Amazons and our wonderful Thalia Grace along with the Hunters, the trio are able to escape the giant.
At the time of gaining help from the archer twins, it is revealed that the Python at Delphi is the reason the power of prophecy is being blocked thus blocking Rachel and Octavian. Honestly though, I really doubt Octavian can even see the future, I mean the man destroys stuffed animals. I am about to send the Fates a fruit basket because of how Octavian’s life turned out in the end.
Throughout the book, readers get to meet some new character such as Kymopoleia, Percy’s half sister, and Goddess of Violent Storms, Asclepius, god of medicine, and Pegasus, the god of the pegasi. I always love how after each book, more and more Greek and Roman Myths are added.
After Tartarus, Percy, Annabeth and even Nico are still reeling from their experience there. Even at times Percy and Annabeth find it difficult to be apart from one another and of course that makes all of the Percabeth shippers squeal at how protective they are of each other.
Yet it breaks my heart because Nico is dealing with it on his own along with the fact that he is practically dissolving before their very eyes. There is a really sweet moment when Hades visits his son and tells him that his life in endanger because of how much he shadow travels. Besides Percy and Poseidon, Nico and Hades’ relationship is my favorite. Nico spends a lot of time doing jobs for his father thus being able to see him more often. As dysfunctional it is, the relationship seems very strong and they have an understanding, so even if Nico seems bitter towards his father, I can tell he loves him.
There is an epic battle, well two epic battles in the end which I am going to let you read about because they are just too good and I don’t want to spoil it. At the end of the book everything is resolved, mostly and for once there seems to be peace. We got relationships coming out of our ears. There’s Percy and Annabeth, Jason and Piper, Frank and Hazel, and perhaps a small glimpse of something else…cough, SOLANGELO…cough.
At the beginning, I was very skeptic when it came to this sequel series, but I absolutely loved it! It made me cry and happy and made me fall in love with the world of Percy Jackson again. I read the first series when I was about thirteen and now that I am almost nineteen I am still in love. Rick Riordan still amazes me and I am not starting his other books, soon I’ll have read all of them. Do I sound crazy? Probably!
I would like to thank Mr. Riordan for creating such incredible characters and bringing the world of Mythology to life. As someone who is very interested in the world of mythology and hopes to make a career of it, I will be keeping these stories alive so I can eventually give them to my children in the distant future.
Now onto the next adventure with The Trials of Apollo!
I hope you dive into this series and experience it just as I had. Whose your favorite Percy Jackson Character? Mine is Nico di Angelo!
Happy Reading and be on the lookout for my review of Trials of Apollo: The Hidden Oracle
xoxo – Haley

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