Book Review: House of Hades

May 1, 2016
Hello Hello Hello!
Oh and happy May! In case you didn’t know Rick Riordan’s new book Trials of Apollo: The Hidden Oracle comes out May 3, this Tuesday. So I am going to be posting my final Heroes of Olympus book reviews leading up to the release. First up: House of Hades!  Then of course I will probably have a review up for the new book by Friday…just saying. So anyways let us delve into Tartarus and begin.

Probably a bad choice of words, but whatever. Now if you have not read Mark of Athena then you need to STOP READING THIS NOW. GO! LEAVE! There will be some big spoilers in regards to the third book!
So as I was saying. Poor Percabeth. They are finally reunited after months apart and just when Annabeth has completed a quest they get pulled into the deepest part of Hades: Tartarus. Yeah c’mon you remember good ole Tartarus. Kronos’ Cabana? A Hydra’s Hangout! NO? Oh. Well, basically it’s where all monsters go when they die so they can reform. It is also where Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades placed their chopped up father. Ah, good ole Greek Mythology! Such happy stories huh? Anyways back to the point! With “Seaweed Brain” and “Wise Girl” fumbling around in Hell, the others are on their way to the Doors of Death at the House of Hades led by my favorite demigod, Nico di Angelo!
This book is packed full of adventure especially when in Percy and Annabeth’s POV. You get the humor and lightness from the Argo II crew and the darkness and misery from Tweedledee and Tweedledum in Tartarus. Sounds fun, huh? I really don’t want to give anything away, because there are so many great moments from book four, but I can assure you it a tear jerker. Then again I cried while reading every book, so there’s that. Riordan has done it yet again when it comes to surprises. You learn an interesting detail about the son of Hades that I definitely didn’t see coming. Nico is always surprising me, but c’mon!
One of my favorite things about book four is the friendship between Jason and Nico. They are an unlikely pair in my opinion when it comes to friendship, but I just love them. You know who else I love? Frank Zhang! Frank has a break out moment in this book when his father, Mars gives me the Blessing of Mars of if you recall, The Blessing of Ares which was given to Clarisse in the Battle of Manhattan in The Last Olympian. After a visit from dear old dad, Zhang grows up. Literally. He grows a few inches, bulks up and well just grows into himself. It was a nice moment, almost as nice when Nico become Crow chow. I’ll let you read that for yourself!
We as readers also get reintroduced to an old character that we all know and love from the PJO series. Yet it isn’t Percy who reconnects with her. I’ll give you a hint: Bad Boy Supreme meets Island Immortal. Figure it out? No? Oh I guess you’ll have to read it. Let’s just say they have become a new OTP for me.
The Tartarus sections are pretty hard to read in my opinion. Riordan does a remarkable job at conveying the emotion that both Percy and Annabeth are feeling and it really hits home for long time fans. With the addition of a friendly Titan and a honorable Giant, the brave couple masters task after task and eventually kick Tartarus to the curb as you do when you’re Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase.
Then of course, while the seven (plus Nico) are trying to save the world from Gaea, there is a war going on in Long Island. The greatly disturbed son of Apollo Octavian from Camp Jupiter is trying to take out the beloved Camp Half- Blood . I mean, seriously Apollo, did you drop him on his head as baby? Praetor Reyna also has to travel into the Ancient lands to find the Athena Parthenos and take it back to Half Blood Hill before an all out war occurs and both camps loose.
Meanwhile Grover and Rachel are just trying to keep the peace. I feel kind bad for them, they are just trying to do their jobs!
A hilarious part about this book? The gods. With the Athena Parthenos across the world, the poor gods and goddesses of Olympus are fighting against their two natures, Greek and Roman. Then there’s poor children. Frank, being the kid of the war god, is literally having a war on the inside of his head. Even though he is Roman, Ares and Mars are yelling and arguing inside his mind which doesn’t help him at all and occasionally causes random transfiguration. Like a gorilla.
I’d love to tell you what happens in each chapter. Hell, I could probably make a whole new blog on just Rick Riordan’s novels alone…I won’t, but I could. Just read the book! If you have liked the first three then four will blow you’re mind to Tartarus…heh, get it?
Anyways I hope you enjoyed my review. I am pretty sure I got sidetracked at least five or six times, but whatever.
ON A SIDE NOTE: Did you know there is an actual summer camp called CAMP HALF BLOOD that has been around since 2006!? I didn’t! That is pretty awesome. Also I just ordered Magnus Chase book #1 and The Kane Chronicles Book #1! I’ll let you know how those are!
Happy reading my friends!
xoxo – Haley

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