Book Review: The Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan

April 24, 2016    

Hello Hello Hello!
It’s been exactly 12 days since I posted my review for “The Son of Neptune” and in those twelve days I managed to re-read the entire “Percy Jackson and The Olympians series” again! I think the last time I fully read the series I was about thirteen! It was kind of cool to re-discover the world of Percy again. Obviously there are two motion pictures based off of the first two novels. Because of that I did remember what happened when Percy was first introduced to the world of half-bloods and gods. Yet while reading books three through five it was as if I had never read them before. I love when that happens. I could remember some small details about each one, but other than that it was as if I was looking at them with a fresh mind.   

Anyways! After I finished the final book of the first series I went back to “The Heroes of Olympus” series (The sequel series) and read the third installment, “The Mark of Athena” in about eleven hours. Trust me when I say it wasn’t easy! It’s 574 pages and very detailed. As always I will not be spoiling anything major, but will be discussing what is on the back cover and some key points. 
As the Argo II (The Greek Warship) sailed into Camp Jupiter (Roman equivalent to camp Half-Blood) Annabeth and Percy are reunited! I actually re-read that part because it was just too adorable. They have always been my favourite and just the fact that Annabeth still calls Percy “Seaweed Brain” makes it even better. 
This book focuses not only on their journey to Rome to continue their quest in stopping the giants and containing Gaia, it also allows us as reader to get an insight of Annabeth. The daughter of Athena was a main character in the original series and even though she played a major role in the Titan war in books four and five especially, I never really thought she got the recognition she deserved. The Mark of Athena focuses on…well…the Mark of Athena…a mythical guide that leads the children of Athena to an object that could reunite Romans and Greeks.
At the beginning of the novel you learn that Athena has visited her daughter and has told her to avenge her, but of course Athena was having issues. Like most of the gods and goddesses during these books, she is torn between her two personas, Athena (Greek) and Minerva (Roman). Some harsh words are exchanged between mother and daughter and Annabeth realizes that the only way to save Olympus and her mom, she needs to follow the Mark of Athena and find the precious treasure that has been lost. Which you can read about in the book! 
Throughout the book, we see Annabeth’s strength, her weaknesses, and even her doubts. The only thing keeping her sane? Her boyfriend, Percy Jackson. The son of Poseidon is just as sassy as he was when he was twelve, throw in a son of Jupiter (Zeus) and we got war of testosterone that even Annabeth can’t control. All seven demigods from the previous two novels are present: The Greeks: Percy Jackson: Son of Poseidon, Annabeth Chase: Daughter of Athena, Leo Valdez: Son of Hephaestus, Piper McLean: Daughter of Aphrodite, oh and even my favorite little troublemaker, Nico di Angelo: Son of Hades. Then we have the Romans: Jason Grace: Son of Jupiter, Hazel Levesque: Daughter of Pluto, and Frank Zhang: Son of Mars. Along with their Satyr Gleeson Hedge they are to battle giants and save the day. 
Not only are there demi-gods, but new monsters, gods, and sassy waiters! We meet Phorcys who may or may not be friendly when it comes to Percy’s dad. Dionysus makes an appearance, but he is in his Roman persona Bacchus. Piper’s mom, Aphrodite, shows up for some help. Then of course the most famous demi-god turned god ever! I’ll let you think about that, here’s a hint, he’s Jason’s half brother. Some of my favourite parts was when Percy was reintroduced to some monsters from his past including Telkhines and a Hydra!
Of course when you put two of the most powerful demi-gods, Jason and Percy, on the same ship that can both be in the sky and sea, there’s gonna be some tension. I actually love the dynamic of the boys and hope to see it in the next two novels. Besides Annabeth and Percy we see other relationships as well. Hazel and Frank’s relationship is growing stronger, but Leo has always been added into the equation and Hazel isn’t sure how she feels about him. Jason and Piper seem to be drifting apart in my opinion, but I have faith that they will prevail. 
I think out of the series so far this book really hits the nail when it comes to mixing Greek and Roman culture. Very well done! Riordan has made me fall in love all over again with these characters and the gods themselves. Although I am still waiting for another showdown between Ares and Percy. Aren’t you? 
In the end there are victories, and tragedy, and a huge cliffhanger (HAHAHAHA). That’s a lot more funny if you read the books. The book ends with a huge question: What Happened? What will happen? Well you’ll have to read the book won’t you! I’m off to read book four: House of Hades! 
Happy Reading!
– Haley 

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