Morning Thoughts

September 26, 2015
Hello Hello Hello!
Happy Saturday everyone. This week has been the death of me. I am currently sitting at my desk writing and on tumblr, exhilarating, right? I think tonight we may just rent Pitch Perfect 2 and then go to bed, I doubt I will do anything else today that is productive. Also WILD by Troye Sivan is blasting through my speakers and I am singing every word. Have you guys heard his new EP? What’s your favorite song? Mine is EASE ft. BROODS. It is amazing and I love just lying in bed listening to it. What are all of you doing on your Saturday? I hope whatever it is, it is way more exciting than what I am doing. I am pretty exhausted, but I am holding out.

So my mom thought about moving, really? I just redid my room and she wants to move, I’ll go, but really? Let’s talk about driving for a second. I am 18 and I don’t have a license. I have a permit, but I have one problem. I AM TERRIFIED OF DRIVING. Now I don’t mean that it scares me a little. Like, I have panic attacks when I get in the car. Can this be avoided? I am sick of being driven around by my mother. I love her, but I need to get to work and run errands and I can’t without her having to miss a meeting or other obligation. HELP
My creepy neighbor just came home and I can see him out my window. This is fun, yeah? I love just typing and not really having any coherent thought. Oh my mom just texted me saying that the Air Con was off in the grocery store. I think that SoCal forgot that it is still technically summer here. First day of fall….ha no!
How is the changing of seasons everywhere else in the world? I hope you are experiencing colorful leaves and brisker days. Where I live, winter feels like fall and we don’t get a winter…excuse me while I go cry. Can I go back to the Pacific Northwest yet? No? Okay? To be honest I have already been looking at Christmas decorations for my room. Yay, now I am going to listen to Badlands by Halsey! Okay so I am going to go, but I will let you know how the movie is!

– Haley

Author: My Thoughts are a Blog

21. Blogger, Star Wars, Marvel, and Book Enthusiast, Over-thinker, Aspiring Author who hates everything she writes, and mother to Gracie & Ghost.

5 thoughts

  1. I live in Wisconsin so the leaves are just beginning to turn where I am, though if you're way up North they're probably turned already! I can't wait to go out and take photos! Do you try to listen to music when you drive? Sometimes when I feel anxious in the car that really helps! Especially if I drive in a new place!


  2. Thank God I'm not the only one who's been searching for Christmas decorations already! And I've been humming WILD fot the past few days… Oh well. And leaves aren't colorful yet but they are starting to be ^^ I'm so sorry for you that you don't have a proper winter! I mean, I do NOT enjoy very cold weather but it's nice to have from time to time 😀
    And I don't have this kind of problem with cars (I can't drive yet anyway) but I do have anxiety disorder and one thing that always helps me when I feel anxious is just listening to the calming music or finding sth to think about to distract myself from the things that make me nervous.



  3. I haven't heard the new song from Troye! :O (types in youtube)
    It's really funny how for some people driving is an anxiety trigger while all I could do all day is drive around. It relaxes me and I really love it 😀


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