Inspirational Person of the Month | Estée Lalonde

September 22, 2015
Hello Hello Hello!
Nice of you to stop by! A while back I did “Youtuber of the month” and as great as that was, I thought I would change it up a bit and so I give you “Inspirational Person of the Month”. Why? Only because I think these people are amazing and deserve to be recognized. It won’t always be a blogger/youtuber, but this month it is! So allow me to introduce you lovely people to the incredible woman that is known as Estée Lalonde aka essiebutton.
Canada native living in UK, Estée has taken the online world by storm. Recently Estée has reached one million subscribers, so I thought this month she should be honored. I have been watching Estée for about two years now and I can honestly say that she is pretty much a badass. There, I said it. Usually when I watch “beauty gurus” online, I find their channels helpful and entertaining, but they tend to be mimics of each other, not Estée. Her down-to-earth personality is a breath of fresh air. She isn’t afraid to chill without makeup and her hair up in #daclip! My first video I ever watched was an Ikea Haul that her and her boyfriend Aslan did and I immediately fell in love with her!
Estée has such an adorable family that it truly warms my heart. Do you know what else warms my heart? How loving she is to her fans. I mean c’mon, she reaches one million subscribers and throws a party with them? That sounds pretty awesome to me! The two men in her life Aslan (left) and Reggie (center) always seem to put a smile on her face and I can tell that they mean the world to her. 
As much as I love her main channel videos, her vlogs are just as amazing. Usually when I watch vlogs it’s all “hey I’m going to target, I’m making a green juice, I am at this new hipster coffee house”, yet with Estée, it tends to be more, “Hey i’m chillin’ in my PJ’s with my dog drinking the fourth cup of tea today #yolo” or even “I am going to go look at modern furniture then go to a car boot sale!” I just love it so much. Estée is such a real woman and it’s so interesting to me to see what goes on her in life. 
Recently, Estée made a video titled: “Let”s Meet Again” and it got a lot of mixed reviews. It was basically saying that she is giving her YouTube channel a makeover and that she was going to be happy with it. A lot of her fans didn’t want the change, while others welcomed it. I was a little skeptic about it at first, but now I love it! Her new style is artistic and very relaxing, I am constantly looking forward to a new Estée Lalonde video.
As a working woman in this world Estée has truly proved herself and I think that is amazing. YouTube and blogging was just a hobby and now it has become a full blown career and I am so proud of her for that. I may have never met her in person, but she is an inspiration to me. Estée has shown me that I can do whatever I want in life as long as I put my mind to it. Whether that be in my career, my day to day life, or even when it comes to love, I can do it.
Dear Estée, 
If you are reading this, thank you. You created this “Thanks-a-million” thing for your subscribers, but we should be the ones thanking you. Thanks-a-million for creating fun content. Thanks-a-million for showing what a real woman is. Thanks-a-million for your funny snapchats. Thanks-a-million for showing me I can do anything. Finally, I guess, thanks-a-million for being…well…you.
Love, Haley Forté

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