Mindful Mondays: Productivity

September 14, 2015
Hello Hello Hello!
In my life I can be quite lazy and I think that is probably my worst trait, but even though I am lazy I actually love being busy. Does that make sense? I don’t know. I do know that I get so excited when I wake up and realize that I have so much stuff to do in that day, but I don’t always get it done. It’s as if there is this constant argument going inside of my brain and I can’t get either side to shut up.
Currently, as you know, I am not in school and because I only work three days a week I have A LOT of down time. As much as I love not doing anything and being able to watch Netflix and constantly redecorate my bedroom, I get bored! I actually miss the feeling of getting up early and picking out an outfit and getting ready and going to school to get stuff done. So, now that I don’t have a schedule to keep, being productive is an actual challenge these days. 
Every night when I go to bed I have all these amazing ideas that I want to put into action in the morning. Yet, lately I have been sleeping in till about ten o’clock and it’s awful. It’s not like I am going to bed at a late hour. I am usually in bed by ten or eleven p.m., so I don’t get the sleeping in. I actually prefer to be up about seven so I can have a good hour to drink coffee and read the news and maybe spend some time with my cat (wow, I really am becoming an old lady). Then around nine or ten I will get started on my day with blog posts or writing my book or even planning out my classes that I have to teach later in the day, but that hasn’t been happening! It is one o’clock in the afternoon right now and I have done nothing! I woke up around nine-thirty which is way too late. 
Now I know I could be setting an alarm to wake up early, but I get in such a bad mood when I use an alarm clock, anybody else? I prefer to just wake up naturally, but of course that can’t always be the case. I honestly wish humans didn’t need to sleep because all of my creative ideas come to me at night and I don’t want to stay up all night working on things because I know that I will regret it the next day.
When I first started this post I thought it would be about how productivity is handy and how much I like being productive, yeah that took a turn! When I started Mindful Mondays I was expecting this to happen, all of this rambling, and I guess it’s okay. I have so many projects for this blog that I want to get done and so little time. Speaking of which, how do you like the new outline? Let me know in the comments. 
Another point about being productive is that I bought a planner, yeah and I have barley used it! I have my work schedule on it and author’s birthdays (coming soon!) for my blog, but I can’t seem to have the energy I guess to use it, that is where the laziness comes in! Anyways, I said in my Hello September post I want to blog a lot more and I think I will try and make Mindful Mondays a regular thing. I also bought some new candles and fall fashion in which I will be make a post on hopefully this weekend!
So my final thoughts on productivity is that I want it to be in my life, but my mind is like yeah. no. Any of you guys have any tips on how to be more productive? Please let me know! 
Oh by the way I just wanted to let you guys know of a campaign that I have donated to in the past. YouTuber Connor Franta has a Prizeo campaign going for the Thirst Project for his birthday! I donated last year and will be donating more! I will leave a link to Connor’s twitter and the Prizeo link as well. Just donating 25 dollars can provide a person with clean water for their whole life! So please check it out and help so many people!
Alright that is it for today! I shall see you soon! I hope your Monday goes well and you are not too exhausted from the weekend, just try to be productive ;).
– Stay Mindful

Author: My Thoughts are a Blog

21. Blogger, Star Wars, Marvel, and Book Enthusiast, Over-thinker, Aspiring Author who hates everything she writes, and mother to Gracie & Ghost.

4 thoughts

  1. I love the layout of your blog it looks very professional!
    And I know what you mean, the best ideas come to me at night too! Especially my Blogspost are best when they were written at night, I just can never get myself to put in as much effort during the day.
    And don't worry you productivity will come back. Something little will inspire/motivate you for a minute and that will start it!
    Also very cute planner! I'm in love with the whole visual of your blog! x



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