Shark Week

July 12, 2015
Hello Hello Hello!
It’s happening again! The worst disease in the world! Its PSWD! I am talking about Post Shark Week Depression of course! Shark week is the highly anticipated annual event that is on the Discovery Channel! Its my favorite time of the year personally and I tend to spend the day on the couch, binge watching. 
Who knew that episodes of people tagging and swimming with sharks would be so entertaining! Not only is it great entertainment, but also educational! 
Sharks are my favorite animal so when I get to learn even more about these magnificent animals it is amazing! So to end out this week I thought I would tell you my top 5 sharks!
5) Mako
These streamline sharks are the fastest shark in the sea! Clocking 44mph these hunters will go to extreme lengths in order to catch their dinner. Also I may only like them because of Finding Nemo!
4) Bull
Nicknamed the pit-bull of the sea, these sharks are all muscle! Their aggressive nature makes them one of the most dangerous specious of shark in the world. Yet just as all other sharks they always seem to move so gracefully even though they are capable of so much force!
3) Ragged Tooth
This ferocious looking creature is actually considered to be quite tame. Usually found around shipwrecks and reefs the raged tooth are more afraid of us than we are of them! I wouldn’t go cuddle up to one of them, but they don’t seem so bad.
2) The Great White

Considered to be the king of the ocean, the great white makes number two on my list. When we think of sharks this beauty always comes to mind. Thanks to movies like Jaws, these creature are to be feared, but they are always misunderstood! These sharks are brilliant creatures and are not mindless killing machines! I really wish to deep sea dive with them someday (in a cage) and see their magnificence up close!
1) Whale Shark

Coming in at number 1 is the beautiful whale shark. These gentle giants are the epitome of grace. They may look like a whale, but don’t let their size fool you! These animals actually have gills and are the largest known type of shark. Measuring up to an average of 40ft, these elusive fish are my absolute favorite!
Sharks are scary, but that doesn’t mean they are bad! These creatures need to be protected and saved. A lot of species are going extinct due to people killing them for the meat and fins. Please help us save the sharks so that out oceanic ecosystem can remain in tact. 
Finally, just remember that when you enter the sea, you are in their domain! So if you get bit, do not blame the animal, don’t blame yourself, they are just as curious about what is around them as you are. They just may have a different way of showing it. Shark attacks are rare, but they do happen so stay safe this summer. Do not swim at dusk or dawn or during a storm, that is when the sharks feed. Also take precaution when listening to your lifeguards. These tips will not only keep you safe, but our ocean predators as well! 
Have a great summer!

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