My Healthy Breakfast

June 12, 2015
Hello Hello Hello!
Summer is here and you know what that means! Yup, healthy eating! No more comfort food on those rainy days, well maybe. I can always go for my mom’s chile or her pierogi’s. Yet, on the days when you want to be a little more healthy, start your day off with some of these recipes!

First we have a summer smoothie that I am sure you will love! Here is what you’ll need!

For the smoothie: 
Nutri bullet, magic bullet, blender etc.    
frozen mixed berries
frozen mango chunks
baby spinach
coconut water
organic (or regular) honey
  Put frozen berries, mango, and spinach into the blender and add coconut water and blend thoroughly. Depending on how much of the smoothie you are making just guess how much of each ingredient to use. I use different amounts each time. You may need to add more water frequently so it doesn’t get too thick. Once you are happy with the texture, squeeze in your honey and pulse just to blend it in. 

This smoothie is so refreshing and has ton of antioxidants and vitamins, while still tasting great! So far I have been having this every other day and it is just as filling as a bowl of cereal! 

Next, we have a smoothie bowl (Pictured above)! I
had been seeing this meal all over pinterest and I thought I should try this! As a smoothie lover myself I couldn’t wait to just try so many different versions of this! With the crunchiness of the granola and the cold frozen berries it’s like an adult parfait! 

Here’s what you’ll need for the bowl:
frozen (or fresh) strawberries
fresh banana
granola (of your choice)
Step 1: Grab your frozen strawberries (prepare this the night before) or your fresh berries and give them a nice chop. If you are going to be freezing them I suggest cutting them up the night before and freezing, it’ll be a lot easier in the morning. Next, grab your banana and slice it up to your preferred size, I only used half of the banana, but you can use how much you would like. Set these aside.
Step 2:  Grab a bowl and pour your smoothie from before into it. Then take your granola and pour it right over the top, the more the better! The granola I used is the natural valley oats and honey granola, full of protein! Line both sides with your fruit and finish it off with a drizzle of honey right over the top! 
This breakfast fills me up and gives me so much energy for the day! You can even add chia seeds or protein powder to give you that extra kick! These are also very good with green smoothies!

If you try theses out send me a picture!

Happy Eating!

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