I Did It!

June 11, 2015
Hello Hello Hello!
Well I did it! That’s right I am officially a high school graduate! I can’t believe I am finally done with high school. It feels like just yesterday I was hobbling around on crutches during my 8th grade promotion. Now I am officially graduated, eighteen, and ready to start a new chapter in my life. 
They always say that you should never have regrets when it comes to school, and even though my experience wasn’t ideal at times, I don’t have any. I had made so many friendships and lost so many that I got to experience so many different aspects of high school throughout my four years. 

All of my success is all because of my beautiful mother. Mom, I know that we argue and literally want to strangle each other at times, but I love you so much and I wouldn’t have survived all these years without your undying love and support.You are my rock and have made me into the woman I am today. 
I am the youngest of three so this day was very special to my mom. All three of us (me and my sisters) have graduated with the most incredible people around us. 
Family is so important in  moments like this, they remind you that you need to stay grounded and be yourself. Otherwise you are going to lose not only who you are, but your grasp on reality.

Like I said before I was the drifter of high school and never really stayed with a particular group of people. Yet, somehow I found this group of gals and they made my senior year incredible. One I have known since 5th grade another, 7th and most are all new jewels in my life. I love you guys and I hope to see you all in the future and some at college as well. 
Friends are what give you your experiences. They allow you to be a teenager and do stupid stuff and learn from that stupid stuff. If you are having trouble finding your group, just let it happen. Join a club and they will follow. I joined yearbook my Junior year and that is where it all started! 
I may be graduating, but I am not leaving my city. I will be staying for a while and studying at a local college nearby and working at my dance studio. These two beautiful girls (Paige left, Bella right) are two of my students and very good friends. Dance has helped me in high school, by offering me an escape from school entirely. If you are feeling overwhelmed at school, I suggest taking up a sport. Sure, school athletics area great way to go, but I decided to train at a separate studio instead of my dance team because when I went to class or had performances,  I wanted to enjoy it, not worry about winning anything for my school. Extracurricular will help, so join something! Just don’t take on so much that you can’t handle it anymore.
Finally, I just want to thank everyone who assisted me in this journey! I had a lot of road blocks throughout it all, but I had so much support. I may have never told some of you how much you mean to me, but every single person that supports me has dug me out of the dark hole that I had been stuck in for a long time.
To the class of 2015, Congratulations! We made it! Wherever you are I am sure that it was the time for celebration. I wish you all good luck in your future endeavors and hope your lives are filled with love and you have zero regrets!
To future graduates! You’re almost there, hold on tight! Don’t rush though, it goes a lot quicker than you think. Slow down and enjoy the ride, because when you are sitting in that chair ready to turn your tassel. You will be thinking about every moment you spent in that school. All the football games, all the school dances, all the late night studying because you procrastinated, and every friendship or relationship you had. Enjoy it, because honestly it is truly the best four years of your life.
Thank You.

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