Book Review: Paper Towns

March 22, 2015
Hello Hello Hello!
So I am back with another book review! I have recently finished “Paper Towns” by the amazing John Green and I must say, I loved it! I thought the characters were dynamic and the language was visually incredible. Like all of Green’s books the book is from a young perspective and it gets the reader very emotionally involved.
Throughout the story I was very caught up in the relationship between Margo and Q. I am not going to do a full summary of the book because that would ruin this story. The story isn’t just about their mission throughout the pages, but about how two people can impact the people around them so greatly. I personally connect with Margo Roth Spiegelman on so many levels. She is the epitome of the person that lives inside me. She is bold and daring, yet she sees the world in a way that not a lot of people tend to do. Quentin or ‘Q’ is the typical high school nerd fawning over his childhood crush and he is very in on himself. After his adventurous night with Margo something inside him clicks and he starts to break out of his shell. In some ways I am a Q on the outside, but a Margo on the inside.
Besides the fact that this is an incredible novel, it is going to be a major motion picture! John Green just premiered the trailer last Thursday and I must say I am very excited. The movie comes out July 24, 2015. You can bet that I will be attending the premiere for that one. Unlike the other books from Green such as “The Fault in our Stars” it is not a very heavy novel. I did cry, but mostly of happiness and laughter. I read this in about thirty six hours, definitely a page turner!
With romance, adventure, and mystery, “Paper Towns” will touch your heart, and place a smile on your face. I give major props to John Green for another incredible novel. Off to read “Looking for Alaska” wish me luck!
Happy Reading!

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