Book Review: The Bane Chronicles


January 25, 2015

Hello Hello Hello!

I have officially finished “The Bane Chronicles” by Cassandra Clare, Sarah Rees Brennan, and Maureen Johnson and I can honestly say that it was a joy to read! This book is a collection of eleven short stories that Cassandra Clare had previously released one by one. I had refrained from reading the online edition because I had wanted to read it as a whole and didn’t want to wait for the next one over a period of time.

In November the print version was released and I had pre-ordered it so I was quite excited. Once it came in the mail I had to refrain from cracking it open and binge reading it. Magnus Bane is my favorite character out of the whole Shadowhunter Chronicles so It was like dangling a shiny new toy in front of my face. Although I had not finished “The Infernal Devices” and I really needed to because I knew there would be references from the prequel series in the short stories.

As I stated earlier there are eleven short stories, I won’t go and review every story because that would spoil it! Although if you are a loyal fan of Cassandra’s books the you will love that you get to see the more in depth relationships between Magnus and Raphael Santiago, Magnus and Catarina Loss, Magnus and Ragnor Fell, Magnus and Camille Belcourt, and even more Magnus and Alec Lightwood. A lot of situations were cleared up because of this book. For example the reason why Raphael can say Dios even when he is a vampire and how the Hotel Dumort became what it is.

Not only do you get a little insight about Magnus’ life, but also you get a lot of Shadowhunter history, The introduction of Edmund Herondale explains the reason William Herondale is how he is, he definitely takes after his father. Also in the story “The Last Stand of the New York Institute” readers have the chance to see how The Circle acted when they were juveniles. All of our favorite bad-asses are here! Valentine Morgenstern is introduced as well as Maryse and Robert Lightwood. There is a lot of irony in this story because of how Magnus reacts to the thought of Maryse and Robert’s “doubtless repellent brat” I think you can figure out who that is.

There is also some foreshadowing such as when Luke or Lucian at the time is becoming wary of Valentine’s actions when a pack of werewolves is involved. Or when Tessa states that she knows a Silent Brother that can help Clary as a baby. This novel, in my opinion, is the one book that connects the whole world together. I guess that makes sense because Magnus has been involved with everything and everyone. You would think by now he would learn to stay out of Shadowhunter business.

All in all I think this is an amazing book and I would recommend it to anyone that has read both “The Mortal Instruments” and “The Infernal Devices”. I don’t think that this could be read on it’s own, because it has a lot of references from the two previous series.

Well that’s it! I have now started “Paper Towns” by John Green and I am almost finished, so be on the look out for that review.

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Happy Reading!

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6 thoughts

  1. I've actually never read this book but I always pass by it when I go to the bookstore! I normally like getting a little bit of a sneakpeek about what it'll be about so this is actually perfect 🙂
    Thanks for your comment on my blog btw! <3

    ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ Creme de la Chic ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡

    Hope you're having a beautiful day, Haley! xx


  2. Oh, I was hoping to read this book since I finished The Mortal Instruments; but I am wondering does it have a lot in common with Infernal Devices, for some reason I didn't really enjoy those…


  3. The short stories are about Magnus' life and since Will, Jem, and Tessa were a big part of his life, there are some stories pertaining to the Infernal Devices. I didn't care for the Infernal Devices that much either, but I Thoroughly enjoyed the stories about them. Even so if you don't care to read those stories, there are many more separate from them. Such as Magnus and Alec, Magnus and Raphael, and even Magnus and Catarina.

    Happy Reading!


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