Tip-Top Shape

January 16, 2015

Hello Hello Hello!

So I am back! The reason I have been gone is because I have been trying to get my health in order. Good news though! I don’t have a serious heart issue!

Turns out I have pinched nerves in between my ribs…yay. The condition has created somewhat of a road block when it comes to my dancing. I am fighting through it though. On top of that I woke up very ill and I have been in bed for two days.

I wanted to talk about what I have been going through these past months. Lately my anxiety has been amplified and trying t handle it has been very difficult. It has also been very difficult to talk about it, so why am I telling you? Not sure. When I started this blog it was because I needed an output for my anxiety and panic attacks. Even though there isn’t a lot of you out there reading, I feel as if I have a voice against myself. I don’t feel as trapped anymore. If any of you are dealing with anxiety and need someone to talk to you can message me!

I hope  that everyone is having a great new year and that 2015 will be great for all of us. Much love!

Author: My Thoughts are a Blog

21. Blogger, Star Wars, Marvel, and Book Enthusiast, Over-thinker, Aspiring Author who hates everything she writes, and mother to Gracie & Ghost.

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