Writer’s Block and Coffee Thoughts

July 27, 2014

Hello Hello Hello!

Good morning, and Happy SUNDAY!

They say that Sunday is the day of rest. I disagree with that completely. I am sitting here with my coffee and just overwhelmed with the amount of stuff I have to get done today. My mother wants to redesign the living room so I am being forced to pick out paint samples and new lamp shades. Yay.

This past week I had an acrobatics intensive at my dance studio, I am proud to say that I got my aerial cartwheel. Also I acquired a lot of bruises and a badly bruised ankle. So worth it though. Also during the past two weeks I have been teaching hip-hop to kids from my studio. I can now announce that I am officially a Jazz and Hip-Hop Teacher at my studio. Very exciting in my opinion.

Dance aside I have been mulling over this book I am starting. I have so much written, it just doesn’t flow and its all jumbled. I have written in a while, I blame writer’s block. Also it can be overwhelming. I didn’t give myself a time limit, I would like to be done by February though. I have my characters established and most of the plot, it’s just the research that has to be done. I like using history in novels. I am a huge history nut so when I get to read a supernatural book AND learn about a cultures history, I am sold!

Today I need to clean my room! I have been having a bug problem, so I need to practically power wash it. Which wont be happening (water will not touch my books). Also I need to write some chapters for some separate projects I am working on. I seem to have no problem when it comes to my other works, but with this novel it is like I have a brick wall up in my head.

Laundry is another thing that has to get done! It is actually quite frightening how much there is. Something else that is frightening? The amount of times I have read “Romeo and Juliet”. I mean how could you not? It is the most amazing tragedy ever written. I don’t really like Shakespeare, I was always forced to read it in school. Although R&J is different. I love that there is a tragic ending. Most people hate the ending but I find it more romantic, the fact that they would rather die than be without one another. I guess I am just a sucker for a tear jerker, and yes I cry every time I read it.

I am currently looking into getting a new camera, any suggestions. Shoot in Cannon? Nikon? Lumix?

I should probably go get started on my mountain of laundry.

Stay Mindful – Haley.

Author: My Thoughts are a Blog

21. Blogger, Star Wars, Marvel, and Book Enthusiast, Over-thinker, Aspiring Author who hates everything she writes, and mother to Gracie & Ghost.

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