Take a Stand.

July 2, 2014

Hello Hello Hello!

Recently I have been thinking a lot about my life and what I have been dealing with throughout it. Also I have been thinking of what teenagers have to deal with these days. The subject of bullying is brought up in schools and television campaigns, and yet people still don’t seem to get it.

I witness the act of bullying at my school, over the internet, through other people and it kills me every time. As a young child, in like 3rd or 4th grade I was probably considered a bully. I never hurt anyone physically, but I would hurt them with words. This got progressively worse in middle school, I look back at that and I think to myself, “What was wrong with me, why was I so horrible to people.” Being that I will be going into my last year of high school this fall, things need to change.

I am going to pledge to help stop bullying, not just in my school but in my community. Since I have grown up a little more or I should say matured I have finally found my common sense. The real question is why? Why do people hurt others? Is it to make them feel better or because you see others putting a person down and you want to “fit in”. That is absolutely ridiculous and unfathomable. If a girl in my grade wants to be “popular” she shouldn’t feel the need to be rude to others just to fit in with the in crowd. There shouldn’t be an ”IN CROWD” that is just stupid.

At my school there is this spot on campus called ”The Quad” essentially it is where the “cool” people sit. It is literally just a row of a concrete benches in the center of the amphitheater thing. On one side the Juniors sit and the other the Seniors sit. I have never had any personal vendettas against anyone who sits there, but some seem to get this idea that they are the “ROYALTY” of the school. If you honestly think that just because you have a specific lunch spot you are higher than anyone else you need a damn reality check.

I have personally seen people get “shunned” for sitting in the quad just because they weren’t part of the in crowd. As a sophomore I was told to leave just because I wasn’t a senior…are you kidding me? It’s just a spot to eat my sandwich.

Now I have never been a part of the popular crowd and I never had a desire to be. Well I guess I hung out with the “populars” in my first year or so at high school, because as a freshman that seems very important. Trust me, it’s not. Especially this past year I have found myself and have really realized who I want to be. I am a yearbook nerd who spends her time inside the classroom working on the book and hanging with my good friends who are also in the class.

I also don’t understand the whole beating up on Freshman deal. What is this? A stupid cliché high school sitcom, no it’s real life. The Freshman are already having a hard time adjusting to a New School with more people and people throwing things at them and pushing them in the hallways doesn’t make it any easier. Yes, it’s fun to ”boo” them at assemblies because that just happens when you are a freshman, but it is not right to just pick on them for no reason. I know a girl who is going to be a freshman and she is six feet tall so don’t try to shove her in a locker.

To prevent bullying we need to change ourselves first. Start by just stop putting people down, and start trying to bring them up. If you see someone get pushed down in the hallway, help them up and ask them if they are alright, don’t even bother to care what that meat head of a baseball player is thinking of you for the fact that you helped up that one freshman. If you hear girls picking on another girl just because she doesn’t like the other girl’s hairstyle, stand up for her. Don’t tell the offender off just tell them that they shouldn’t be judging people.

DON’T JUDGE! Even if it is talking to your friends and a girl walks by with one of those furry tails clipped onto the back of her pants, don’t say that it is stupid. Hey if you don’t like it, that’s fine. You do not have to go out and buy one for yourself. IT ISN’T HURTING YOU so don’t worry about it.

Think before you act and before you speak or write online. What you think is important now such as being popular or being labeled as the pretty one or the guy with the most “babes” it will not be important in five years. I’ll just come out and say it (excuse my French ladies and gentlemen) Don’t \ a dick because it is going to make you look like an idiot and in the long run nobody is going to care who was homecoming queen and who made varsity water polo. It will be about who enjoyed their high school experience and was happy with their life.


If you want change, you need to change yourself first.


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