One of a Kind – A thank you.

April 19, 2014

Hello Hello Hello!

This morning I was casually on my YouTube channel, looking through my subscriptions and I stumbled on one of my most loved YouTubers, Michelle Phan.

Now I have personally watched Michelle since her “business card mascara trick” video. Recently Michelle has paired up with Doctor Pepper’s One of a kind campaign. She made a video that really hit home for me. I will link it below. As I watched this video I started to tear up. Personally I struggle with self esteem.

I was always the little curly-haired, freckled-face, big-lipped little girl that grew up in a small town. I never and still don’t feel beautiful. It is a daily struggle. I never feel “normal” until my hair is done and I spend 15 minutes on my makeup. I am short so I never thought clothes looked good on me. I have muscles from dance and I never thought that was feminine. I thought because I didn’t have boys fawning over me, I was ugly. I just never felt okay in my own body.

After watching this video, and I stopped crying. I grabbed my notebook and wrote a list of my flaws. Next to them I wrote why they make me unique. Some were funny, others made me smile. For example, a flaw for me is my big lips. Next to it I wrote that I was lucky because I didn’t need collagen injections. My goal is to love myself more, even if it is just embracing my flaws. Let my freckles shine through my foundation. Wear bold lip colors, and embrace my big calves. I worked for them, and I love the way they look when I am on pointe.

I want to start doing things that make me happy. Get over my anxiety and do things I am afraid to do. Go to prom and feel beautiful. Wear a leotard in ballet without a cover up. BE ME.

I want to thank Michelle for making this video, it has changed my perspective on life. I love my life, my family, my friends, and now I am going to love myself, no matter what.

Thank You,

Haley Forte (16)

Michelle’s Video

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