YouTuber of the Month: March – Meredith Foster (stilababe09)

March 25, 2014

Hello Hello Hello!

So this is something new I am trying out on my blog, Youtuber of the Month! Each month I will be selecting one of my favorite Youtubers and doing a somewhat review and why I like them so much. So let’s get started!

Meredith Foster

Also Known as stilababe09 to her 2,000,000+ subscribers! Meredith is the everyday teenage girl living in California, except she is making people smile with her DIY’s, Haul’s, Workout Videos, Makeup Tutorials, and much more! She even did the Twin Tag with her twin brother Michael. I have personally have been watching Meredith since last year, but she has been making a statement for a while. Want to know how to make your own high waisted shorts? She has a video for that! Want to know how to save time in the morning? Mere has got you covered!

With her quirky personality and exuberant opinion about life, Mere appeals to many young adults everywhere. Just recently Meredith has started series of Seventeen Magazine’s YouTube channel called “DIY your life with Stilababe09” where she shows fun projects to do with things you already own.

Each month Meredith does a video called “Mere’s Monthly Must Haves!” where she tells everyone what she has been loving. This includes: Hair products, makeup, movies, music, and even food! Also she does a giveaway for her subscribers, just to get some of her must haves. Besides her One Direction obsession Mere shows her love for music in the background of her videos, which I have found a few new favorites from!

From YouTube Meredith has gotten many amazing opportunities,

one being able to compete in Season 2 of Dance Showdown presented by D-trix. Meredith has inspired me, made me laugh, and made me want to start blogging and just to be a better person. Thanks Meredith and congratulations on all your success and I hope it continues in the future!





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Instagram: StilaBabe09

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