Fitness Routine!

March 25, 2014

Hello Hello Hello!

Fitness Routine: I was going to blog this yesterday but I forgot so here we go. Today was the second day that I have done my NEW fitness routine! Now normally I don’t need a fitness routine since I dance around 16 hours a week. The reason in am doing it now is because it is spring break! So I have no school all week, but this also means I don’t have dance, my studio follows my school districts schedule for holidays. So to start off the routine, I first have to get out of bed. This is the hardest step! I am not a morning person, I could probably sleep into noon everyday if I could, so pretty much the whole summer. So once I get up, I immediately get dressed into my work out clothes, I can do a separate post about that later if you want, and tie up my tennis shoes. After wards I pull my hair back and slip on my grey headband to keep my hair off of my face. Then I go through my stretch routine from my jazz class so I am very warm.

I don’t go to a gym, mostly because I can’t drive, or have a job….so yeah. I do have a treadmill in my house though. I grab my water bottle, my I-pod, my arm band, and my CODA headphones (sometimes I’ll use my smaller ear buds if I am going to run.) and hit the treadmill. I select the first training workout which is the easiest (starting out small, okay!) which runs for 30 minutes. The walk starts out at 2.5mph for the first minute then for the next 28 it switched from 2.8 to 3.1mph which is a fast walk. Trust me it isn’t the easiest when you aren’t used to using the treadmill. During this time I will watch YouTube videos to make the time go fast.

Once I am done with the treadmill I will work on my abs with crunches. I do 8 then hold for 8 then go higher for 8seconds. I do six sets of that, then bicycles, then leg lifts and finish with some circle crunches. By then I am practically dead tired. Then I will do at least 10 push-ups, rest for a couple seconds, then 10 more. I am hoping to get some weights soon to put on my wrists so when I run it will work out my forearms. After all that I will sometimes go through my stretches once again, and hit my splits.

Then I just take a shower and get ready for the day! If you want me to do a blog on any fitness tips leave a comment!


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