Hunger Games Book Review!

March 24, 2014

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Disclaimer: If you have not read the books this will contain spoilers. Also if you have only seen the movies do not read the last section which will be on Mockingjay. Major spoilers ahead!

Book 1: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

I had heard about this series from my friend Kendall Avery who had been reading them and said she enjoyed them. When I heard it was about kids killing each other in this dictatorship society I was a little skeptical to read it, so I didn’t. Like most people when new movies are coming out, you want to research them. When I heard that they were making the first book into a movie, I instantly watched the trailer and was kind of in love. I purchased the first book on my Nook and began, I finished it with four days. Suzanne Collins created this world of chaos that made every reader root for the heroine of the story. Katniss Everdeen is a hero to many girls and to me as well. I quickly found myself attached to the character and cringing every time she heard something in the arena or crying when she thought she lost Peeta. Collins was very clever in her characterization throughout this whole novel.

The novel gets started at the Reaping in Katniss’ home of District 12 the whole scene is very heartbreaking, knowing that two young adults had to go off to who knows wear and fight to the death. Katniss volunteers in place of her little sister Prim so she wouldn’t have to suffer that fate. This act of bravery is one of many that Katniss portrays. Katniss is leaving her sister, her mother, and her best friend Gale. Fellow tribute and admirer Peeta Mellark accompanies Katniss on this journey to victory. After being lit on fire (faux fire) in the tribute parade, then poked and prodded for interviews, they are thrown into training right off the back. For weeks they are trained in knife, bow, and hand to hand combat skills. Also learning survival skills and making alliances.

Before they know it they are thrown into the arena and the games begin. Katniss manages to grab a backpack and salvage a knife that was conveniently thrown towards her face by Clove, a career. After hiking through the thick woods Katniss manages to scramble up a tree where she makes camp. After surviving a single night a forest fire erupts in the arena, causing Katniss to flee from her tree sanctuary and into the line of fire (literally). While cooling her burn in a nearby stream she is found by district 1 & 2 along with her teammate Peeta. After being chased she manages to get up a tree for refuge. After Haymitch (her mentor, past winner of the hunger games) is able to get her sponsored some medicine for her leg, she is able to focus on how to get away.

After spotting a tracker jacker nest she is able to drop it on the sleeping tributes, killing Glimmer from District 1 in the process. Who also has the bow that Katniss so desperately needs in order too survive (since she used to hunt with one back in district 12). In the process of the attack Katniss also got stung, causing severe hallucinations. After passing out, Rue (District 11) found her and they created an alliance which is soon over once Marvel (District 2) captures Rue and kills her with his spear. This event creates a new fire in Katniss, by burying Rue in flowers and showing her district sign to the cameras, this becomes the first act of defiance.

After this an announcement is made that a team can win if they are in the same district. Now Katniss is searching for her comrade, after finding her hurt badly by the river she does everything she can to save him. This saving turns into a romance in order to save their lives. Although Peeta is actually in love with Katniss but Katniss is still on the fence, this event and the events in the cave lead and foreshadow the plot lines of the second and third book.

I found the scene with the “mutts” the hardest to read. Everything was going so well for them, they had each other they got medicine for Peeta’s leg and now they were going to win. The scene with the mutations was clever, I believe that the book would have gone on forever if nothing like such would have happened. Yes there probably would have been a final battle but nothing to this extreme. In the end when Katniss pulls out the nightlock and threatens to kill Peeta and herself, this is once again an act of defiance.

All in all I enjoyed this book and I have seen the cinematic adaptation and it was well done, but only a fraction of what the book gives you.

If for some reason you haven’t read this book, do it! You won’t regret it! Especially if you are a Divergent fan!


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