High School

February 10, 2014

Hello Hello Hello!

People say that high school is the best four years of your life. I have failed to see why this is true. I honestly hate high school. I don’t like the fact that I am required to take certain courses that do not pertain to anything I want to study in the future. Most of all I do not like the social cliques in high school. I personally don’t have “best friends” at school. I hang out in my yearbook classroom at lunch and avoid anything that has to do with “school spirit”. My friends are at dance and that’s about it. Now if I could be homeschooled I definitely would. There is nothing wrong with my school, I just don’t like going.

I am in 11th grade so I only have one more year, I still hate it. I haven’t always been this way. I used to love school. Freshman year was great, I had all honors courses and life was good. Over the years I have downgraded to all CP courses because I couldn’t keep up. At least once a week I fall asleep in class. I miss school a lot because I just cant will myself to get up and go. I don’t like going to football games, basketball games, or water polo matches. I dated a baseball player from my school, went to one game. Dated a polo player, went to none of his games, sorry.

I am currently not going to prom. I probably have rehearsal that day anyways. I don’t want to be a cheerleader, or on the dance team. I just want to stay under the radar and blend in. I am 5’1″ so it’s not hard to hide in the crowds, especially when most seniors are over 6 feet tall. My grades are not terrible but they are not that great. College is at the back of my mind right now. I don’t know what I want to do with my life. One day at a time, even if it is stuck in a desk.

– Haley

Author: My Thoughts are a Blog

21. Blogger, Star Wars, Marvel, and Book Enthusiast, Over-thinker, Aspiring Author who hates everything she writes, and mother to Gracie & Ghost.

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